RI Predicted to Experience the 3rd Wave of Corona, Commission IX: Boost Vaccination!


The trend of daily Corona cases in Indonesia is decreasing, but it is predicted that the third wave of Corona will occur in Indonesia at the end of December. Commission IX of the DPR RI reminded the government to prepare for the third wave of Corona in Indonesia.

“If we look at the trends that occur in several countries in the world and predictions from epidimyologists, the third wave of COVID-19 transmission has the potential to occur in Indonesia in the next few months. Therefore, the government must prepare adequate health service infrastructure, including ensuring the availability of health services. sufficient oxygen and medicine if the threat becomes a reality,” Deputy Chair of Commission IX, Charles Honoris told reporters on Saturday (18/9/2021).

In addition, Charles also encouraged the Corona vaccination to continue to be carried out. Because, based on data owned by Commission IX, it shows that vaccination provides protection from severe illness and death due to Corona.

“In addition, efforts to accelerate vaccination must continue to be boosted. The COVID-19 vaccine does not rule out the possibility of transmission. Until now there is no vaccine that is 100% effective in stopping transmission,” he said.

So, if the achievement of Corona vaccination is high and cases of transmission are high, health service facilities in Indonesia will not be full and overwhelmed.

“People who have received complete vaccinations will get protection from severe symptoms that require hospitalization,” he added.

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