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Former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said that when you are a member of the Royal Family you should “check some of your thoughts and ambitions at the door.” He added: “The number one rule for being a member of royalty is not to disrespect the Queen.”

On the Duchess of Sussex, Miller told the Sun: “I think you should have more respect for the institution of the Royals and I think that when you marry a member of the Royal Family there is a certain sense of decorum that I think you are signing up for. that, you should check some of your thoughts and ambitions at the door.

“I think when you have the Queen you have to be respectful to the Queen.”

Meghan and Prince Harry left royal duties last year for a new life in America.

The couple now live in California with their two children Archie and Lili.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attacked royalty in their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

They made a series of explosive claims about the monarchy in the TV interview that told it all.

But royals made it clear that they disagreed with all versions of the Sussex events.

A statement issued by Buckingham Palace highlighted how “memories can vary.”


Update 7:45 a.m. M .: Beatrice Royal’s baby announcement could be ‘imminent’ as she rushes to ‘hospital’

The announcement of Princess Beatrice’s baby could be imminent as royalty is reportedly rushing to the hospital, according to an expert.

Royal author Robert Jobson tweeted Sunday morning speculating that the birth of the queen’s twelfth great-grandson was “imminent.”

The royal expert said: “Princess Beatrice is reportedly in a London hospital. It seems that the birth of the twelfth great-grandson of the queen is imminent. “

7.40 am update: Queen will split time between Windsor and London

The Queen will resume organizing events at Buckingham Palace to show taxpayers that their money was “well spent” on the renovation of the London residence, said royal expert Nick Bullen.

Speaking to Royally US, Bullen said: “I think there will definitely be much more at Buckingham Palace.

“He loves Windsor Castle, he would like to be at Windsor Castle, but it is only 40 minutes down the road from Buckingham Palace. It’s very close.

“Buckingham Palace is the seat of the monarchy, a massive £ 350-360 million remodel was underway.

“So you want to show people that money is well spent. You will see her back at Buckingham Palace for all the investitures, have meetings, organize dinners, stay there from time to time. “

Update from 7.35 a.m. M .: Harry reveals Philip’s characteristically blunt words as he heads to Afghanistan

Prince Harry has recounted how the Duke of Edinburgh sent him to war in Afghanistan with the heartfelt plea: “Make sure you come back alive.”

He reveals the poignant moment with Prince Philip, who served with distinction in World War II, in a BBC documentary set to air this week.

Harry said, “Going to Afghanistan, he was very practical and just said, ‘Make sure you come back alive.’

“Then when I came back, there wasn’t a deep level of discussion, plus a case of, ‘Well, you did it. How was it?’

“This is how it was. He was a great listener; it kind of set the stage for you to share as much as you wanted to share. But I would never inquire. “

Update from 7.30 a.m. M .: Meghan and Harry’s Time cover was brutally mocked when ‘a bunch of old men’ chose Sussex

A royal commentator has dismissed claims by fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that their inclusion on Time’s Top 100 list proves that they are popular in America.

Royal blogger Kinsey Schofield talked about how Harry and Meghan were named among Time Magazine’s Most Influential People with GB News’s Mark Dolan on Saturday night.

Ms. Schofield suggested that the listing was not a popularity contest, noting that no one “voted for or chose” the magazine’s cover stars.

Instead, he claimed that it was “just a group of old men” who made the decision.

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