Russia deploys troops in Belarus to carry out maneuvers that worry the US and Ukraine

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Russia has deployed this Wednesday its first military units in Belarus for the joint exercises ‘Allied Determination-2022’, which have been criticized by the US for coinciding with the current tensions on the border with Ukraine.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, they are units from the eastern military district that arrived on Belarusian territory by train “with their usual equipment and weapons.”

The exercises are aimed at inspecting the capabilities of the Russian and Belarusian rapid reaction forces at four airfields and five military sites.

The joint anti-aircraft defense system will also be inspected, a phase in which a dozen Su-35 fighters, two S-400 long-range systems divisions and a Pantsir systems division will participate.

The maneuvers will stage the response to external aggression, the fight against terrorism and the defense of the interests of the Russia-Belarus State Union.

Forces from the Eastern Military District inspect Russian tanks arriving on trains.


Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a video about an inspection of the forces of the Eastern Military District, where tanks, armored vehicles and other military vehicles could be transported by train.

According to independent sources, some units of the Russian Eastern Military District participated in 2014 in the fighting with the Ukrainian Army in Donbas.

The US considers the maneuvers in Belarus “worrying” given that both Washington and Kiev have denounced a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In turn, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, assured this Wednesday in Kiev that, with the Russian plans to deploy more forces on the border with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin may attack Ukrainian territory “in a very short time”.

In this regard, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Riabkov, has assured that “there is no reason” to worry about these exercises.

“With Belarus we have a State Union that has its own plans, which must be fulfilled,” Riabkov said, stressing that Moscow is willing to dialogue and find a “political solution” to the current tensions.

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