Russia Has Extraordinary Military Strength


WASHINGTON – General John Hyten, Deputy Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff United States of America (US), admitted Russia now has tremendous military power. According to him, it happened after President Vladimir Putin changed his nuclear force since 2006 ago.

“Russia has an incredibly strong military,” Hyten said in a statement podcast Atlantic Council on Friday.

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“They have changed their military in the last 20 years,” he said Sputniknews, Saturday (18/9/2021).

Hyten noted that Russia has made no secret of its determination to fully modernize its nuclear forces, space forces, and strategic cyber forces, but that US leaders paid no attention to it and President Barack Obama’s 2010 National Security Strategy did not name Russia as a potential future competitor or peer competitor.

“In 2006, [Presiden Vladimir] Putin announced they would change their nuclear forces. …[Mereka] Start building an aggressive cyber army and space army. Why? Because of the United States and NATO,” he said.

General Hyten said Russia and China were now presenting the United States and its militaries with a strategic challenge they had never seen before in history—not one but two competitors at the same time.

“It is very important that we deal with Russia and China at the same time. Our whole focus is looking from the United States to Europe, but looking to the west: China is there, Russia is there. They are in the south. America, Africa and the Middle East. They have global capabilities,” he said.

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Russia and China have also demonstrated that they are developing their most modern and formidable strategic capabilities such as hypersonic weapons, and China’s new intercontinental ballistic missile.



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