Russian pop diva Natasha Korolev – daughter born out of wedlock

Russian pop singer Natasha Korolev, who suffered from her husband’s distrust last year, surprised the whole nation by revealing in a TV show that she had a biological daughter born out of wedlock.

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The singer Natasha Korolev, in the series of the TV show “A Mystery Worth a Million” directed by Lera Kudryavtseva, has been allowed to see the secrets of her life in two series. In the first series of the show, which was on the air in the first half of September, the singer revealed that she and her husband had tried to have a second child in the family, but had experienced several spontaneous abortions, and the idea was thrown out of peace. But in the next series, something shocking happened to the Russian nation: Korolev, it turns out, gave the child to another man.

At the time when Kudryavtseva said that the creators of the show had information that had not been heard anywhere before, Korolev was alarmed, asking to bring 50 grams of vodka to the studio. When the artist found out what her secret was in the hands of journalists, she agreed to reveal it. It should be noted that her secret was unknown to both Korolev’s husband Sergei Glusko (stripper Tarzan) and their common son, 19-year-old Arhips.

As it turned out, Korolev froze his eggs nine years ago. This happened with the husband’s message, because both of them decided to try to get to the baby in a natural way at first, later the method of artificial insemination was also used, but when they failed to get to the child several times, they put the idea aside. At the same time, without the family’s knowledge, Korolev gave his egg to a close friend of his, an IT specialist. This man is gay, but he really wanted his child. He found a surrogate mother, and the pregnancy was difficult, but successful – two years ago a girl was born, who is biologically Korolev’s daughter.

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A friend has paid for this deal with the artist in bitcoins, the value of which is several million Russian rubles. There is also an agreement between friends that Korolev is eager to meet the baby, but the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow it often, because the father lives with his daughter in San Francisco, USA.

The news that the 50-year-old Korolev is the mother of another child shocked her husband Tarzan, who last year took care of a series of scandals related to her infidelity. The couple, however, were over the crisis and continue to live together.

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