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Russian soldiers are shocked by the ‘horrible reality’ in Ukraine and often regret going, says YouTuber who spoke to more than 200 after they were captured

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Six Russian soldiers that have served in Ukraine since September of 2014 have spoken to Reuters about their regret for participating in the conflict there. They recount the traumatizing events that have befallen them since then, such as witnessing brothers being shot and killed in cold blood, and witnessing civilians being roasted alive. They also recount how they are shocked by the “horrible reality” they find themselves in and the degree to which it has segregated them from their fellow soldiers.

Many of the soldiers fears for their safety in Ukraine, having never experienced such intense violence or harsh conditions before. However, they also realize that they cannot change the course of events and are resigned to the fact that they will likely never return home. One of the soldiers who speaks to Reuters said that “what we did was wrong, and as long as we know it and face the consequences we are happy.


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Many Russian soldiers who have been captured in Ukraine are shocked by the “horrible reality” there and often regret going. Some have faced trouble docking with their units and struggling to continue fighting. Others have faced cruelty and gunfire from Ukrainian separatists.

But despite all the challenges, many Russian soldiers describe the experience as strangely Tomerent and inspiring. They say the Ukrainians have shown an immense generosity and compassion, and they have become more confident in the face of hardship.

SomeRussian soldiers say they’ve found their job more difficult than they expected, but they can’t help but feel that it’s worth it given the gravity of the situation. ” Ukraine is the hell of my life, but I would give anything to be a part of it. I can’t imagine my life without it,” one soldier said.

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