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Sanna Marin, the Finnish prime minister fighting for re-election

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Sanna Marin’s election as Prime Minister of Finland is a fight for the country’s future. The 59-year-old, who has been in office since October, has been vocal against both the euro zone crisis and global austerity measures. She has also pushed for more active European Union membership, and promises to make Finland a more open, resilient economy.

Despite her recent record, Marin is facing some difficult competition. She is facing off against two other former prime ministers, Juha Sipila and New Democracy’s FM Timo Soini, as well as the left-leaning and Eurosceptic party PASOK. However, she has pledged to toughen up her policies, and is likely to win the vote with a large majority. She will now be tasked with ensuring that Finland stays within the Single Market and tries to reduce its dependency on Russia.

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Since taking office in March, Sanna Marin has been pushing for a stronger link between Finland and Russia. Russia has been Ukraine’s biggest partner in the European Union, but the Finns want to improve relations with Moscow more. Marin has been vocal about her belief that the two countries must work together to solve pressing global issues.

Analyst packages from IHS Aspen expect the current Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin to win her eleventh consecutive term in office in early 2019. With a stable economy andPromising foreign policy performance, IHS Aspen projects that she will be able to successfully navigate Finnish domestic and international politics. Marin has been an energetic leader and her strong focus on her constituents has resulted in her being re-elected as Prime Minister more times than any other Finn since the end of the Cold War.

Jordon White, an analyst at IHS Aspen, predicts that Sanna Marin, once again, will serve as the Prime Minister of Finland for another term. White, who has worked with Marin for nearly ten years, believes that she is a leader who can handle any situation and handle the expectations of a ministerial position. Marin has been successful in implementing a number of significant reforms, such as the introduction of a national income tax and a controversial privatization program. Her focus on strong economic growth and her drive to improve Finland’s relationship with the Russian Federation have received cheers from many Finns.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been a strong leader and has been pushing for a stronger link between Finland and Russia. She is leading her country to a better future and she is expected to continue this work in 2019. IHS Aspen analysts believe that Marin will be successful in navigating Finnish domestic and international politics over the next few years.

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