Save this: The CTU has launched a certified NetTest speed measurement

The Czech Telecommunication Office has launched its own website designed to measure the speed of its Internet connection. A new tool called NetTest replaces the previously recommended NetMetr tool and has one major advantage over other similar services. It provides certified analysisso the results come out of it use in the event of a complaint connection with the provider. The launch will soon be accompanied by an information campaign for the public, urging consumers to respect their rights.

“NetTest informs users about the current quality of their Internet access service in the form of the actual download speed, upload and ping time. It offers the possibility of certified measurement, which is fully automatic performs the whole process with the result in the form of a PDF document, which the user can use for a possible complaint about the Internet access service, ”says in the description of this new tool.

“We believe that the certified measurement will significantly facilitate ordinary complaints for ordinary users, because there will be no worries about how to save the result and have the necessary document for the service provider,” said Hana Továrková, Chairwoman of the CTO Council. The Office recalls that during the analysis it is necessary to make sure that no other application using the connection is running in the background, and that only your computer is connected to the Internet during the measurement. And it via cable, not Wi-Fi. You should also have the latest updated version of your operating system and web browser. Not only the performance of the computer, but also the operating system has a fundamental effect on the measured values ​​of the actual speed.

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What speed did you measure via NetTest?

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