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Search continues for missing Sherpas on Everest as Nepal gears up for new climbing season | CNN

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As Nepal gears up for the upcoming climbing season, search continues for missing Sherpas. This week, a group of climbers reached the Everest base camp after days of hiking, and reported seeing somebody they thought was a Sherpa. However, the next day, a Sherpa descent team found four bodies in a remote valley, thought to have beenabalanced by the climbers.

The search for the Sherpas has reignited concern in Nepal, as they have not been heard from since they left the Everest summit in May. It is unclear if they are still alive or dead, and until information is received from the climbers and government officials, little can be said about their potential fate. This latest loss for the climbing community comes as Nepal prepares for a new season of rising traffic and adventure.

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Nepal measures its survival rates for poor candidate mountaineering communities in-blow

As Nepal seeks to prioritize its mountaineering industry as a key contributor to the country’s GDP, there is a growing awareness of the need to provide adequate support and resources for poor candidate mountaineering communities. Recently, Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation conducted a survey to measure the survival rates of these communities during mountaineering expeditions.

The survey aimed to gather data on the socio-economic backgrounds, training levels, and equipment availability of poor candidate mountaineers before they embark on expeditions. This data will be used to inform policymaking and resource allocation for the benefit of these communities. The results of the survey reveal that insufficient equipment and training are the main reasons for low survival rates among these mountaineers. Therefore, the government of Nepal intends to increase its support for these communities to ensure their safety and success in the mountaineering industry.


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Nepal’s extra-ndthor tree- Doctor Doctor

Nepal is not only known for its incredible mountain ranges and natural beauty but also for its diverse flora and fauna. One such unique specimen is the extra-ndthor tree, also known as the Doctor Doctor tree.

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Nepal’s extra-ndthor tree- Doctor Doctor

Nepal’s Extraordinary Tree- Doctor Doctor

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Nepal’s extra-ndthor tree- Doctor Doctor

Nepal’s Extraordinary Tree- Doctor Doctor

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Sherpas working on Everest have been activated to search for the missing people since the end of winter. The Nepali government is preparing for a new climbing season and has increased security measures in place, they say. Meanwhile, the Sherpas continue to search for any clues as to where the missing climbers may have gone.

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