See Jan Ethes’s Style Walking with President Jokowi, It’s Big

Screenshot of the President walking with his grandson Jan Ethes at the Yogyakarta Palace. (ANTARA/Rangga Pandu Asmara Jingga), JAKARTA – Jan Ethes Srinarendra looks relaxed accompanying President Joko Widodo on foot around the Yogyakarta Palace, in a video shared via Instagram @jokowi.

Jan Ethes it doesn’t look awkward at all when accompanying your beloved grandfather or who is familiarly called Mbah Owi enjoying a vacation together.

In the video shared by the president, the two can also be seen cycling together.

The president had a brief description that contained his memories of when he was still holding Jan Ethes.

“It feels like just yesterday Jan Ethes was rocking as a baby. And time goes by so fast,” said the President in a post on Instagram @jokowi.

The President said that it had been a year and a half in a pandemic atmosphere, he admitted that he rarely met Jan Ethes.

“Last week, Jan Ethes was already lively accompanying me for morning walks and cycling around the Yogyakarta Palace.”

“I always hope that this pandemic can end soon. So that we are all free to meet family again, gather with our children, grandchildren, and friends,” the president wrote on his social media page monitored on Sunday (19/9).

In the uploaded video, which was also shared through the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube account, the moment President Joko Widodo and Jan Ethes were seen riding a bicycle and walking together.


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