see who can withdraw the 5th installment this Friday, 17

Another group of workers won the right to withdraw the money from the fifth installment of the Emergency Aid. This time, it’s time for those born in the month of November. According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal, these people can go directly to the agencies to withdraw the amount.

The citizens who are part of this group received the money from this installment on the last 29th of August. However, at that first moment they could only change the amount by digital means. We are talking here about Caixa Tem or even about the bank’s own Internet Banking system.

According to Caixa, they could only use this amount to make some very specific moves. This is the case, for example, when making payment slips. In addition, these people could also make purchases online and in person, in establishments that accepted this type of transfer.

All this remains true. Now, however, those citizens who were born in November have one more option. As of this Friday (17), they will be able to use the amount in cash. Then they have the right to do whatever they want with the amount of the fifth installment of the benefit.

It is always worth remembering that the act of withdrawing Emergency Assistance is not a mandatory move. So people who were born in November don’t have to rush to the agencies to get the amount. Those who do not want to do this can continue to move the amount through digital means.

Calendar for November

Those born in November should still receive two other installments of Emergency Aid. The sixth cycle money, for example, should go out to these people on October 2nd, that is, in a few weeks.

They will only be able to withdraw this amount from October 19th. The money from the last installment will be in the account of people in this group on October 30th, with withdrawals scheduled for November 18th.

Like all informal groups, those born in November follow the two-calendar rule. And it will go on like this until the end. First they receive the amount digitally, and only a few weeks later do they gain clearance for withdrawal.

Emergency assistance running out

It is worth remembering that the Federal Government’s Emergency Aid is coming to an end. According to the Palácio do Planalto itself, only two payments are needed before the program ceases to exist. The idea is that he will only make transfers until October.

As well as the Auxílio, the Bolsa Família should also cease to exist at the same time. This means, therefore, that something around 39 million Brazilians will no longer receive these benefits.

However, the Federal Government’s idea is to create a new social program. Auxílio Brasil should enter the scene in November. The problem is that, until this moment, the executive branch still does not know how much it will be able to spend on it.

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