[Série 3/5 ] The sound of the four elements: fire

Published on : 19/09/2021 – 08:49

At the corner of a fireplace, in the shepherds’ kitchen, under the sky lit by fireworks or even during religious or pagan festivals … the fire warms, brings people together and fascinates. It accompanies so many human activities and community life. Luca Rullo has been sharing and recording social life in the Basque Country for years. From his archives, all freely accessible on the Soinumapa sound card, he composed his melody around the fire.

Luca Rullo is an artist and sound engineer. He is the author of several audiovisual and sound works. He directs and coordinates Soinumapa, an abundant sound card of the Basque Country, both Spanish and French, one of the oldest of its kind. The sound recordings in the field are accompanied by interviews with the inhabitants and a selection of “writings on listening” from past centuries.

Series ” The sound of four elements: fire, water, earth and air »

This series proposes to explore the sound universe through the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Monica Fantini invited four artists to compose wordless narratives on the sounds of the natural elements that they listened to and recorded the most. Sophie Berger, Stéphane Marin, Christophe Rosenberg and Luca Rullo deliver tales of sounds, unheard of or familiar, always inhabited by a human presence.

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Listen to the world is a radio program in miniature, replayed in podcast here, but also a participatory sound platform dedicated to listening and sound creation. It archives and makes available in free access more than 200 sound recordings sent from all over the world, to be found on The sound card of the platform.

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