Shipwreck in Venezuela: she drank urine to breastfeed


19. September 2021 – 9:36 clock

Boat trip in Venezuela ends fatally for mother

It should be a happy boat trip among friends. Mariely Chacón (40) is on September 3rd with her family and friends on the way from Higuerote in Venezuela to the uninhabited Caribbean island of La Tortuga. They are shipwrecked, Mariely sacrifices her own life to save that of her two-year-old daughter Maria and her six-year-old son Jose.

A huge wave hits the boat

A monster wave leads to the tragic accident.


On the way to the uninhabited Caribbean island, the boat group is in distress due to a huge wave – they are shipwrecked and drift on an improvised lifeboat for days in scorching heat on the water. Mariely Chacón decides to save her children by breastfeeding. To do this, she drinks her own urine.

The children lay on their dead mother

Photo: twitter/INEA

A lifeboat pulls the castaways out of the water – Mariely could not be saved.


When the sea rescuers meet the castaways, they find the two children and the nanny alive. Mariely Chacón is dead. She dies of organ failure due to dehydration, reports the British “The Sun”.

“She died three to four hours before we could rescue her after she had not drunk water for three days,” said a spokesman for the INEA sea rescue service. When the rescuers arrive, the children cling to their dead mother.

The 25-year-old nanny, Veronica Martinez, is saved by a small refrigerator that had saved her from the scorching heat.

5 people are still missing

The children and the nanny were hospitalized after the rescue, where they were treated for dehydration and first-degree burns.

Another five people are still missing, including the father of the two children and the boat skipper.

The heroic mother Mariely Chacón was buried on Saturday September 11th in the presence of her children. (mma)

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