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Sky News Australia quits TikTok, says security risks ‘too great’ for media | CNN Business

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British English-language broadcasters Sky News and CNN have both pulled their platforms from the app TikTok, saying they are not willing to risk security risks.

CNN citing “security risks that are too great for television,” said it was abandoning the app’s live streaming feature, while Sky News said it would stop broadcasting content to the app altogether.

The move comes as TikTok continues to be seen as a struggling social media platform, with users frequently engaging in risky behavior such as making disturbing and violent videos.

1. “Sky News Australia Judd dismays with TikTok taking over their online news channel”

Recently, Sky News Australia’s online news channel has been taken over by TikTok, causing a stir among viewers and journalists alike. This move has left many people wondering what the future of news media will look like as social media platforms continue to dominate the digital landscape.

  • One of the concerns raised by Sky News Australia anchor, Chris Judd, is that the quality and accuracy of news reporting will be compromised with the rise of TikTok and other social media platforms.
  • Moreover, Judd questioned whether these platforms are equipped to deal with the complexities of news reporting and the responsibility that comes with being a news source.
  • With the prevalence of fake news and misinformation, the need for credible news sources has become more important than ever.

In the age of social media, it is crucial that news organizations continue to uphold the principles of responsible journalism while also adapting to the changing digital landscape. Sky News Australia’s concerns about TikTok taking over their online news channel highlights a larger issue within the news industry.

  • Will social media platforms like TikTok become the new dominant players in the news industry?
  • Will reputable news organizations be able to compete?
  • As viewers, it is our responsibility to seek out trustworthy news sources and to hold these platforms accountable for the content they promote.

Only time will tell what the future of news media will look like, but it is clear that the role of social media in shaping the way we consume and interact with news is only going to become more important in the years to come.

2. “TikTok ITT TV: Channel 54’s[‘ Creepy’] new home”

TikTok ITT TV: Channel 54’s [‘Creepy’] new home

It’s been announced that TikTok ITT TV will have a new home on Channel 54, and guess what? It’s going to be the station’s ‘creepy’ channel. For all those fans of the horror genre, Channel 54’s Creepy is the place to be — with the scariest movies, creepiest TV shows and spine-chilling documentaries.

This will be TikTok ITT TV’s first experience with a specialized horror channel, and fans can hardly contain their excitement. The Creepy channel won’t just offer horror films, but it will also have a range of other programming, such as ‘Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Stories’ and ‘Horror Filmmakers Talk To Camera.’ Get ready to be terrified!

  • The Creepy channel will air 24 hours a day
  • Fans can expect a mix of older classic horror movies and new releases
  • Expect Halloween specials like ‘The Crypt’ which will feature fan horror shorts

The Creepy channel is set to launch next month. Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch date to tune in and watch all their favourite horror shows on TikTok ITT TV’s Creepy channel.

3. “Sky News Australia: Judd gets grumbled about TikTok figures”

Former AFL player Chris Judd, who is well known for his social media presence, recently came under fire for his alleged suspicious engagement on TikTok. Social media users raised concerns that Judd was purchasing fake followers and likes in order to boost his presence on the popular platform. The accusations against Judd were caused by some TikTok users noticing that his follower count increased considerably in a short amount of time and that his engagement did not match the high number of followers he had.

The allegations against Judd have not been proven, but it has reignited the conversation about influencers and social media authenticity. As social media continues to play a major role in our lives, it’s more important than ever to ensure that users are transparent about their engagement and following. Consumers need to be able to trust influencers and content creators to ensure that the content they’re seeing is genuine and not influenced by fraudulent methods. This issue also highlights the need for platforms like TikTok to address the issue of fake engagement and take steps to ensure the integrity of their platform.

4. “TikTok ITT TV: saw great potential but security risks ‘too great’ for media’]”

While many media outlets have been jumping on the TikTok trend, some are wary of the potential security risks that come with the popular social media platform. One such outlet is ITT TV, who recently stated that while they see great potential in using TikTok for their content, the security risks are just too great to take the risk.

Some of the main concerns with TikTok include the app’s access to user data and the potential for it to be shared with third-party companies. Additionally, there have been reports of potential security flaws in the app itself, which could leave user information vulnerable to hackers. While these risks may not be a concern for individual users, for media outlets like ITT TV who handle sensitive information and have a responsibility to protect their users’ data, the risks are simply too great.

  • Key Takeaways:
  • ITT TV sees great potential in using TikTok for their content
  • Security risks, including potential data breaches, make using the app too risky for ITT TV

Sky News Australia, the country’s main news network, has announced it is quitting the social media platform TikTok.

Sky News Australia governor Michael Schleicher said in a statement Wednesday that the risks associated with the platform were too great for the media outlet.

“We believe that the social media platform TikTok is not appropriate for our audience and as a result, we are announcing that Sky News Australia is ceasing operations on TikTok and will no longer use the platform in the future,” Schleicher said.

TikTok, known in its full name “Tokyo Game Live”, is a platform where users can watch short videos of themselves playing games.

The Guardian reports that Sky News Australia’s decision to leave TikTok comes as the social media platform is facing increasing regulation from the Australian Federal Police.

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