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Smart starts a new era. Although its models have always attracted by its urban and practical concept, times have changed, and the purchasing policies of drivers, too. Faced with this new commercial paradigm, the company dependent on Mercedes is not only going to propose completely different vehicles from the current ones, but it is also proposing a completely different commercial strategy. It’s time to get rid of the small concept when we talk about Smart.

As stated in the Automotive Tribune, Smart is going to change a lot as we know it today. In just a few weeks the Forfour and Fortwo will cease production. They will say goodbye to a market that they have dominated for many years, especially the small two-seater. Electric mobility is the new reality, and Although Smart was already a 100% electric brand, it must change its way of seeing the market in order to adapt to him and to his particular and specific tastes.

New SUV from smart.

All this change happens with the launch of the new Smart SUV. It does not yet have a commercial name, although the pre-production unit receives the interesting designation of # 1. The commercial launch will not take place for another year, so you have to be patient to find out what this new model will be like, although the brand says that it will retain 95% of its current aesthetics.

It should be borne in mind that, although Smart is a brand dependent on Mercedes, it is under the control of the Chinese company Geely from the joint venture (joint-venture) created earlier this year. They will be the ones in charge of the production of the new product of the house, receiving the first units to, later, begin with the export to Europe and other markets where it will be commercialized.

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Smart wants to move away from segment A, that segment that has so far given it such good results. This change in mentality is due to no other reason than the electric autonomy and the higher prices of the products. Currently the Forfour and Fortwo are the two most expensive models in the segment, by far, showing a fairly short autonomy if we take into account what similar alternatives offer.

smart-suv (2)

New SUV from smart.

Moving away from the urban niche, Smart will be able to grow in size and autonomy, as demonstrated by the 430 kilometers of autonomy announced for the concept SUV. Although the focus will be mainly on urban use, the idea happens because future models can also move away from the city, as happened in the past with combustion engines.

But not only will the concept of vehicles and their size be rethought, Smart also proposes a change in its bases and in the way it sells its products. Private points of sale will be reduced, keeping the spaces within the Mercedes-Benz concessions, where they will receive a more equal treatment by integrating within the stand and not having a particular space. They also hope to give online shopping a boost, although for now the procedure will have to be old-fashioned.


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