Snapchat clicks on Zynga to clone it from us called ReVamp

Surprise hit last year Between us It inspired a number of clones in app stores, recently followed by a very similar game mode called “Impostors” in It’s an electronic game. The latest to enter the genre is Snapchat with the help of Zynga, the company that once dominated the mobile game world with titles like Farm village.

Snapchat is home to Snap Games, a feature found in the popular social media app launched in 2019. Snap Games is a gateway to many games that can be played directly in the app, which are often quite simple in nature and similar to old-school games. flash. The latest title coming to Snap Games is Refresh.

Unlike Among Us, which features mini bean-shaped characters and one or more monsters posing as individuals, Refresh It contains human-like personalities, some of which are actually vampires. Players must complete and complete missions while avoiding vampires.

In Between Us, players can come across a corpse and report it so the team can discuss who is responsible. The game has a very simple animation design and, depending on the trailer, can be played in a normal portrait mode instead of having to rotate your phone.

According to Zynga, Refresh It will be a multiplayer title that you can play with your friends. The game is exclusive to Snapchat and only available in some markets, and Game developer revealed, indicating that this is the third exclusive title for the social networking application. It is not yet clear when the game will be released.

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