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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Goes After Tucker Carlson’s Trump Texts and Jan. 6 Video Edits

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OnSnL Weekend Update, we’re like vroom af.

We’re full of excitement as we assume the role of officiallydom. We air our cares and
of the politics of America’s latest Miscellaneous card.

And while we’re on the subject of coats of paint and 2020,

laptopen are big news.

So we take a look at two surprises today.

First, we have updates on cancelled/expired gigs, Trump– somberly – and his cronies

And lastly, we go over some of the latest pros and cons of different music streaming services.

That’s all for today’s 3-2-1snl!

Thanks for watching, and see you next week!

1. “SNL Weekend Update” Hodelands Tug of Waco”

SNL Weekend Update: Hodelands Tug of Waco

On the recent episode of “SNL Weekend Update,” the team humorously covered the bizarre and ongoing situation known as the “Hodelands Tug of Waco.” The story revolves around a family on a rural farm in Waco, Texas, who are in the midst of a legal battle over who owns the land and what type of animals they can keep on it.

Some of the highlights from the segment included:

  • Comparing the family drama to a soap opera, complete with cheesy dramatic music and close-ups of the individual family members.
  • Joking about the seemingly endless list of animals the family has tried to keep on their farm, including zebras, kangaroos, and emus.
  • Commenting on the family’s unique wardrobe choices, which include cowboy hats, boots, and brightly colored Hawaiian shirts.
  • Quoting absurd comments made by the family, such as “That emu was my life,” and “This isn’t just some land, it’s my birthright.”

Overall, the “SNL Weekend Update” team did an excellent job of using humor to poke fun at this strange and entertaining story out of Waco, Texas.

2. “Tucker Carlson’s Trump Texts and Jan. 6 Video Edits” Tensions between Trump and Moderates

“Tucker Carlson’s Trump Texts and Jan. 6 Video Edits” Tensions between Trump and Moderates

The controversy surrounding Tucker Carlson’s alleged editing of footage from the January 6th Capitol riot has raised fresh questions about his relationship with former President Donald Trump, as well as the ongoing rift between the Trump-aligned right and GOP moderates. In a recent segment, Carlson appeared to splice together footage from various parts of the riot and presented it as a continuous, linear sequence, leading to accusations of deception and over-simplification. Carlson defended the segment as a legitimate way to condense a complex event into a viewer-friendly format, but critics argue that he deliberately distorted the timeline of events in order to downplay the violence of the riot and stir up outrage against the Biden administration.

In addition to these allegations, Carlson has also been linked to a series of text messages allegedly exchanged between him and the former President during his time in office. The messages, which were leaked to the media in recent weeks, have been interpreted by some as evidence of a close personal relationship between Carlson and Trump, but others have dismissed them as mere formality. Still, the controversy has added fuel to the fire of the ongoing debate about the direction of the GOP, with some arguing that Trumpism represents a more extreme, populist wing of the party that threatens to alienate moderate voters, while others insist that embracing Trump’s base is the only way to win elections in the current political climate.

3. “Details of SNL Weekend Update: Jan. 6” The first day of the year

Details of SNL Weekend Update: Jan. 6 – The first day of the year

The first SNL Weekend Update episode of the year took place on January 6, with anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che back in action. Keeping in line with the show’s style, the segment was full of witty and sarcastic remarks highlighting the week’s events.

The episode began with a rundown of the events that transpired in Washington D.C. on January 6, where supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building, resulting in chaos and violence. The hosts condemned the actions of the mob and criticized Trump for inciting the protests.

  • The hosts also touched upon other major news events, including:
    • The COVID-19 vaccine rollout and its slow progress.
    • The ongoing Georgia Senate runoff elections.
    • The return of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to social media.

The segment ended with a humorous take on a recent National Geographic article that named a new dinosaur species after the character of the show host, Colin Jost.

Overall, the episode delivered the trademark humor and satire of the SNL Weekend Update segment while also addressing important news events in a thoughtful manner.

4. “SNL Weekend Update: 2014-01-06” The premiere of the show, SNL

The premiere of SNL started with a bang as the Weekend Update segment aired on January 6th, 2014. The segment is a satirical news program that highlights the most significant events and trending topics of the week, with humorous commentary and witty jokes.

As always, the Weekend Update was filled with punchlines and hilarious skits that kept the audience entertained. The show was hosted by the dynamic duo of Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong, who brought their A-game to the table. The two anchors had excellent chemistry and worked seamlessly together, delivering laughs with impeccable timing. From poking fun at politicians to celebrity gossip, the SNL Weekend Update covered it all with sharp wit and humor.

  • Some of the highlights of the show include:
  • A skit about the recent string of cold weather that hit the US, with the anchors jokingly predicting the end of the world
  • A segment about the controversial remarks made by a Duck Dynasty star
  • A hilarious spoof on the recent selfie craze among Hollywood celebrities

All in all, the SNL Weekend Update segment was a smashing success, leaving viewers in stitches and eagerly anticipating the next episode. With a talented cast and top-notch writing, the show promises to be one of the funniest and most entertaining programs on television.

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1. “SNL Weekend Update” Hodelands Tug of Waco”

1. “SNL Weekend Update” Hodelands Tug of Waco

The latest Saturday Night Live’s weekend update on Hodelands Tug of Waco brought a fair share of laughter and amusement to the audience. Waco and its dreadful history are famous as a topic of conversation in the United States. However, it was great to see the satire and comedy surrounding it. Jurgen Hodeland’s tug of Waco was the main focus of the weekend update.

  • Hilarious skits were made on members of cults who believe that Hodeland’s Tug will save them.
  • One of the skits showed Hodeland’s Tug pulling buildings up in the air with its immense power.
  • The hosts couldn’t resist commenting on the seriousness of the situation in Waco by saying, “Let’s not forget folks, this is a tragedy that rocked this nation.”

In a nutshell, SNL’s Weekend Update was a perfect blend of humor and reality. It reminded us of the tragic events that took place in Waco while making us laugh all the way through. Hodeland’s Tug of Waco was the talk of the town on this episode and the show made sure to capitalize on it in the best way possible.

2. “Tucker Carlson’s Trump Texts and Jan. 6 Video Edits” Tensions between Trump and Moderates

Tucker Carlson’s Trump Texts and Jan. 6 Video Edits

The tension between former President Donald Trump and moderate Republicans is not easing up, following the revelation of texts between Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, and the former president. The texts, released by the January 6 committee, show Carlson expressing concern about violence at the Capitol and urging Trump to call off the mob. Trump responded with a video message that Carlson edited and ultimately, the violence still occurred. The texts and video edits are highlighting the former president’s apparent lack of concern for the consequences of his actions on the fateful day that saw the storming of the U.S. Capitol building.

The revelation of these text messages is just another instance of the continuing rift between Trump and moderate Republicans. The former president’s statements and actions since losing the November 2020 election have caused concern among more moderate members of the Republican Party. The release of these texts and Carlson’s role in all of this is shining a spotlight on this ongoing tension and increasing scrutiny on the former president’s actions that fateful day. As Congress continues its investigation into January 6, we can expect to see more developments and revelations that highlight the divide within the Republican Party.

3. “Details of SNL Weekend Update: Jan. 6” The first day of the year

On January 6th, the Weekend Update segment of SNL returned after the holiday break with a fresh batch of jokes and commentary on the latest news stories. Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che delivered their typical banter, tackling topics such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the recent chaos on Capitol Hill.

One of the highlights of this particular episode was a sketch featuring Kate McKinnon as Senator Lindsey Graham. McKinnon’s portrayal of Graham as a spineless politician who would do anything to stay in favor with President Trump was both hilarious and unsettling. The segment also featured a number of fake news headlines, such as “Matt Gaetz seen wandering around the Capitol with a Cooler full of Jagermeister,” adding a lighthearted touch to the otherwise heavy news cycle. Overall, it was a strong start to the new year for Weekend Update, and fans can expect more of the same sharp humor and political commentary in the months to come.

The following are some of the best punchlines of the Weekend Update segment:

  • “A new strain of the coronavirus that’s even more contagious has been found in the U.K. Scientists say it has three times as many spikes as the old virus, kind of like Coronaviruses after a trip to Cabo.”
  • “After the pandemic hit, Congress gave two trillion dollars to businesses like Shake Shack and Kanye West. So it turns out the guy who wrote “Gold Digger” was the biggest one.”
  • “After the riots at the Capitol, Democrats in Congress are calling for Trump to be impeached a second time. Of course, this is like arresting the guy at the party who walks in with a flamethrower and then says ‘I just like to party.'”

4. “SNL Weekend Update: 2014-01-06” The premiere of the show, SNL

Overview: The premiere of SNL’s Weekend Update in 2014 kicked off with jokes and political satire. Hosts Colin Jost and Cecily Strong brought their own brand of humor to the anchor desk and delivered the latest news with a hilariously irreverent spin. The episode was filled with memorable moments, both funny and poignant.


  • New anchor Colin Jost made his debut and was welcomed with cheers from the audience.
  • Cecily Strong showed off her versatility by playing a number of characters throughout the show.
  • The opening skit, which featured the cast performing a musical number about the Affordable Care Act, was both funny and informative.

Overall, the premiere of SNL’s Weekend Update in 2014 was a great success. It set the tone for what would be an exciting and entertaining season of the show, and it left audiences eagerly anticipating what was to come next.

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3. “SNL Saturday Live” the latest update

SNL Saturday Live is a show that has been entertaining audiences for decades. It is a sketch comedy and variety show that features talented actors and comedians. This season, SNL has been pulling out all the stops to deliver some of the best sketches yet.

One of the latest sketches to go viral is the “Muppet Show” parody. It featured a range of popular characters from the Muppet universe, including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear. The sketch was a hilarious take on the legendary Muppet Show, with the SNL cast members taking on the roles of the iconic characters.

  • Fans of the show have been raving about this sketch on social media, with many praising the comedic timing and performances of the cast members.
  • In addition to this, SNL has also been delivering some politically charged sketches that have been making waves. This season has seen countless sketches lampooning the current state of politics and the presidential race, with some accusing the show of taking sides.
  • And let’s not forget the musical performances. SNL has featured some incredible performances this season, from Halsey to Camila Cabello.

Overall, it’s clear that SNL is still able to deliver some of the best comedy on television. With a talented cast of performers and writers, the show continues to push the boundaries and create content that keeps viewers coming back for more.

4. “Tucker Carlson America 2:01 am tidal wave”

Tucker Carlson America 2:01 am tidal wave

On his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently issued a warning about a tidal wave sweeping across America. This wave is not a natural disaster, but rather a political and cultural shift of enormous proportions that is threatening the basic tenets of freedom and democracy.

  • According to Carlson, this tidal wave is characterized by a number of disturbing trends, including:
    • The rise of identity politics and cancel culture, which seeks to silence and punish those who hold different views.
    • The erosion of free speech on college campuses and in the media, as well as in the public sphere.
    • The growing power of large technology companies and their ability to censor and manipulate information.
  • Carlson argues that these trends are all connected and represent a grave threat to America’s founding principles, which emphasize individual liberty, freedom of expression, and the rule of law. He warns that if this tidal wave is not stopped, it will lead to a society that is less free, less fair, and less open.

In conclusion, Carlson’s warning about the “America 2:01 am tidal wave” is a wake-up call for all Americans who value their freedom and the ideals upon which their country was founded. It is a call to action to resist the forces that seek to silence us, to defend our right to free speech, and to protect our democracy from those who would undermine it. Only by coming together as a nation can we hope to weather the storm and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side.

4. “SNL” Hodelands Tug of Waco

On the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live,” the sketch show took a jab at the Hodelands Tug of Waco event, which gained national attention earlier this year. The sketch featured a group of clueless participants attempting to pull a giant rope across a muddy field, with hilarious results.

The “SNL” writers didn’t hold back in their satirical take on the event, mocking everything from the bizarre dress code to the participants’ misguided enthusiasm. The sketch also included a parody of the event’s logo, which prominently features a stylized cowboy hat.

  • “SNL” skewers the Hodelands Tug of Waco
  • Hilarious sketch lampoons participants’ misguided enthusiasm
  • Parody logo draws laughs from audience

If you missed the sketch on the show, you can catch it online now. It’s sure to be a hit with fans of both “SNL” and the Hodelands Tug of Waco event.

5. “Tucker Carlson America 2:01 am tidal wave

The Tucker Carlson America 2:01am Tidal Wave

On a recent episode of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, the conservative commentator suggested that the Biden administration’s going to create a “tidal wave” of new voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. With his usual hyperbolic style, Carlson claimed that “Democrats want to give citizenship to as many as 20 million illegal immigrants,” who would then vote for the party of their newfound rights.

Carlson also suggested that this tidal wave would hit America like clockwork, at 2:01 AM, during a “dark, quiet moment,” when most people are asleep. Although this comment might seem nonsensical for some people, it’s a classic example of Carlson’s fear-mongering tactics. He’s using his platform to push the narrative that immigrants will jeopardize American democracy and claims that Democrats want to maintain their hold on power by opening the door to every possible voter.

  • While it’s true that immigration has become a highly polarized issue in America, it’s important to note that Tucker Carlson’s claims are exaggerated and misleading.
  • Illegal immigrants cannot vote in America, regardless of whether they obtain citizenship or not.
  • The number of illegal immigrants living in the US is a topic of contention, and Carlson’s claim of 20 million is far from accurate.
  • Most immigrants that become citizens don’t immediately vote in massive numbers for one party.
  • Despite his comments’ inaccuracies, Tucker Carlson continues to reach a massive audience on Fox News.

It’s party time at SNL! This weekend’s update includes a few new aggro drawings and a new video edit that Ib Doom tolerates!

In this week’s SNL update:

-Tucker Carlson nails Trump texts
-Ib Doom looks away and duly delivers the MLK video edit
-3 members ofaria risk being hired for their discounted rates
-and more!

In this week’s SNL update:

-Tucker Carlson nails Trump texts
-Ib Doom looks away and duly delivers the MLK video edit
-3 members ofaria risk being hired for their discounted rates
-And more!

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