Son Savage: The Beirut incident was my starting point to pursue my passion for music

08:33 PM

Sunday 19 September 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The rising Lebanese singer Charbel Ghanima, known by the nickname Son Savage, recently released a new song called “The River” on the international video site YouTube and the Anghami platform, and his song achieved nearly half a million listens per week on various platforms.

The Beirut-born artist currently tops the list of Arab artists in the international rankings of the most listened songs on the Anghami platform, and occupies the ninth place in the general classification.

Son Savage said in a press release, “My journey began after the shocking incident of the Beirut Port explosion, which left devastating effects on the Lebanese capital over a year ago and set it back decades. But that unfortunate incident was a motivating factor to pursue my passion for music after realizing that life is very short and can be Everything changes in an instant, without warning.

He added, “The health crisis and the Beirut Port explosion had a great impact, prompting me to change my priorities in life and devote more time to my passion for music.” The perfect musician, and her words that speak of loss and imbalance as a result of entering into a toxic relationship. The innovative video clip played a big role in the song’s success by depicting the idea of ​​recurring episodes of toxic relationships.

Son has collaborated with an elite group of songwriters including Justa Holden, Jeffrey David and Thomas Stingard, whose creations have attracted millions of viewers and listeners despite their limited fame.

On this point, Sun said: “During my childhood, I listened to various musical styles and melodies from North Africa and the Middle East. I was influenced by international music, which drew the features of my artistic personality.”

Son Savage explained that he is currently working on gathering the best talents to form a distinguished band in the region under the name Son Savage and the Saints.


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