Sophie Marceau and her link with the French: “I’m here and it’s been a while”

Its popularity with the French is not disputed. For two years, Sophie Marceau has even been named favorite female personality according to the traditional Top 50 published by Le Journal du dimanche and produced by IFOP. A plebiscite with the public that the 54-year-old actress, unveiled to the general public in the film La Boom, has a hard time explaining. “I am often asked the question and I am not sure what to answer”, she retorted at first, to Laurent Delahousse. “I think I’m here and it’s been a while. There are links that are being created”, she ended up sketching in 8:30 pm Sunday, on France 2, this September 19.

Over the course of her film career, and her successful roles, Sophie Marceau has carved out a place for herself in the hearts of the French public. And if its longevity in the cinema was a justification for its popularity? “It’s true that we’ve been doing a little bit of the road together for quite a while,” she conceded on France 2. “I imagine that we need to have people like that to us. support, which are part of our history. And, we hold to our history, our memories, without being melancholy or backward-looking “, added the ex-companion of Cyril Lignac.

Moreover, French moviegoers will have the pleasure of meeting Sophie Marceau at the cinema from this Wednesday, September 22. The actress gives the answer to André Dussollier in the new feature film by François Ozon called Everything went well. This (…)

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