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South Africa arrests 87 before planned antigovernment protest

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On November 9, 2017, South Africa arrested 87 people before they planned a planned antigovernment protest. This event was believed to be in response to the increase in attacks against political activists and journalists.

1. “A Sandwic tackling the message of ‘South Africa criminalizes itself’”

1. A sandwich tackling the message of ‘South Africa criminalizes itself’

Have you ever pondered upon the idea of a sandwich being the metaphorical representation of a country’s choices and actions? Let’s explore the analogy of the beloved food item and the current state of South Africa in regards to the message of ‘South Africa criminalizes itself’.

  • First Layer: The Bread

The bread in this sandwich represents the foundation of South Africa i.e. the Constitution which lays down the guiding principles of the country. However, lately, the bread seems to be moldy and infested with worms, indicating the rampant corruption and constitutional violations. The recent unrest in parts of the country is a clear sign that the bread is no longer sustainable and needs immediate action for its preservation.

  • Second Layer: The Filling

The filling of a sandwich is like the policies and actions of the government in a country. In the context of South Africa, this layer represents the discriminatory and unequal policies that have been put in place for years. These policies and actions have created a division among the citizens, fueling the resentment and widespread poverty. As a result, the filling is thin, and the quality is poor, reflecting the deterioration of the government’s efforts to serve its people equitably.

2. “Racism: The known and the unknown”

The known:

  • Racism is a global issue that has existed for centuries
  • Racism often stems from past historical events such as colonization and slavery, and has been perpetuated through systemic inequalities
  • Racism can take many forms, including but not limited to discrimination, stereotyping, microaggressions, and hate crimes
  • Racism affects individuals and entire communities, manifesting in disparities in education, healthcare, employment, and criminal justice
  • Racism can also lead to mental and physical health problems, including stress, anxiety, and trauma

The unknown:

  • There is still much we do not know about racism, including the root causes of racist attitudes and behaviors
  • Despite ongoing research on the topic, there is no single solution to eliminate racism
  • The impact of racism can vary depending on an individual’s identity, including their race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status
  • The best way to combat racism is through education, empathy, and allyship
  • There is hope for a more inclusive and equitable society, but it will require sustained effort and a willingness to confront uncomfortable truths

3. “Street Law: The different types and ways that South Africa’s streets are redeleting”

3. “Street Law: The different types and ways that South Africa’s streets are redefining”

Street Law, the evolving culture of South African streets, is diverse in its form and practice. From the visual and auditory aspect, the streetscapes are replete with graffiti, murals, and hats that reflect the country’s struggle for freedom and political history. Street performers, from contemporary dancers to drummers and storytellers, enliven the streets with their passion and artistry. Street food, vendors selling regional specialties, and hawkers selling knick-knacks are also popular fixtures that can be found in the everyday street life of South Africans.

South African streets are also being redefined as community spaces where people come together through shared interests, ideas, and activities. The urban design of public spaces and parks has evolved over the years to prioritize people-centered urban planning. With a growing demand for safe, inclusive, and accessible public spaces, initiatives such as the Open Streets movement are emerging as a response to the need for more pedestrian-friendly cities. Such examples highlight how the social and political landscape in South Africa is redefining the role of the streets, making them more than mere thoroughfares for cars but also hubs for social interactions and cultural experiences.

  • What makes South African streets unique?
  • The visual aspect of street art and graffiti in South Africa reflects the political and historical context of the country.
  • Street performers, food vendors, and hawkers are also important fixtures of the streetscape.
  • Social initiatives such as the Open Streets movement are transforming the streets into community spaces.
  • How does this impact South African society?
  • Street Law reflects the diversity of South African culture.
  • It provides economic opportunities for street vendors and performers.
  • Community-driven initiatives are helping to promote inclusivity and solidarity in society.
  • By redefining the role of streets, it is creating a more people-centric urban environment.

4. “Ammunition: The dangers and the benefits”

Ammunition plays a crucial role in the world we live in. It is used for hunting, self-defense, and military purposes. However, ammunition can also be dangerous as it can cause severe injury or even death if mishandled. Hence, it is essential to follow safety protocols and handle it with care.

  • Benefits:
    • Protection:
    • Self-defense:
    • Hunting:
  • Dangers:
    • Fire hazards:
    • Explosion risks:
    • Injuries:

Ammunition, if not stored properly, can cause fire, explosion, or fatal injury. It is recommended to store ammunition in a cool and dry place, away from heat and moisture. It is also important to keep ammunition out of reach of children, and make sure to handle it with caution while loading and unloading firearms.

On the other hand, ammunition has benefits as well. It helps individuals protect themselves from any unforeseen danger, some also use it for hunting purposes. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the risks associated with ammunition and take necessary precautions to prevent any mishap.

On December 18, 2017, South Africa reported that it had arrested 87 individuals before planned antigovernment protests. In a press release, the South African police described the protests as “unfocused and unenlightened”. The arrests came in the wake of a series of marches and rallies in the country that were successful in calling for an end to corruption and an improvement in the economy.

Officials in South Africa suggest that the arrests were necessary in order to prevent the country from descending into chaos. It is hoped that this happened in part because of the protests that took place throughout the country. It is also important tonote that the arrests of 87 individuals do not reflect the entire population of South Africa, as there are millions of people who have expressed support for the protests.

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