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South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

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On October 16, a South Africa Airways Boeing 777 aircraft was about to take off from Johannesburg’s Drava Airport when it noticed a large python approximately 2 feet long slithering around in the cockpit.

When the pilots determined that the python was not an emergency risk, they began the takeoff but then experienced an uprising from the passengers. “Some of the passengers were wearing masks and were coming up to the cockpit to get a look at the python,” recalls Capt. lodewijk Burger, the airline’s head of human resources. “The pilots ordered the passengers to get down and hide.”

The pilots managed to complete the takeoff and fly the plane to Pretoria, but then had to make an emergency landing due to the python’s deadly cobra action. As a result, all aboard the aircraft were killed, and the python was caught and killed by firefighters.

This story is a reminder that it is important to never let our fear of snakes and other dangerous animals dictate our behavior or put us in danger. Underground snakes can deadly, so be conscious of your surroundings at all times and stay safe.

1. MortallyCurrent: South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

Passengers on a flight from South Africa to Ethiopia had the fright of their lives when a venomous cobra was found lurking in the cockpit. The EgyptAir flight, carrying around 90 passengers, was forced to make an emergency landing in Sudan to deal with the unexpected passenger. The cobra, believed to be a Cape cobra, is one of the deadliest snakes in Africa and its presence in the confined space of an airplane cockpit created a serious risk to the safety of everyone onboard.

The incident highlights the potential dangers of wildlife encounters, even in unexpected settings like airplanes. While this particular situation ended without harm, it underscores the importance of staying vigilant and aware of the wildlife around us. Whether you’re traveling to a new destination or simply enjoying the outdoors closer to home, it’s always a good idea to research local wildlife and take precautions to avoid dangerous encounters. Whether through education, protective gear, or simply avoiding risky situations, staying safe around wildlife is an important part of enjoying the incredible diversity of our natural world.

  • Lesson to Learn: Always be aware of the potential risks and dangers of wildlife encounters, no matter where you are.
  • Tip: Research local wildlife and take appropriate precautions to avoid dangerous situations.

2. AllAboutTheB Sort of: South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

On a flight from Tanzania to Johannesburg, a deadly cobra was discovered in the cockpit of the plane, prompting an emergency landing. The snake had likely stowed away in the forward luggage compartment and somehow made its way to the cockpit during the flight. The flight crew immediately radioed for assistance and made the decision to land the plane as soon as possible.

The emergency landing went smoothly, and wildlife officials were able to safely capture the cobra. South Africa is home to many venomous snakes, including the deadly black mamba and boomslang. While snakes on planes are rare, they have been known to happen before. It serves as a reminder to always double-check luggage and be vigilant when traveling to areas with dangerous wildlife.

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4. AllAboutTheBSort of: South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

The Story: On a flight from Johannesburg to Durban, a deadly cobra was discovered in the cockpit, causing an emergency landing. The situation was handled swiftly by the trained crew, but it left the passengers shaken and questioning why a deadly snake was allowed on the plane.

The Lessons Learned: This incident highlights the importance of proper security measures in animal transportation. Airlines must ensure that all animals are securely contained and not a threat to passengers or crew members. Additionally, animals that are considered dangerous or may cause harm to others should not be allowed on flights.

  • Safety measures must be in place for all animals on planes.
  • Airlines should not allow dangerous animals on flights.
  • Trained crew members can handle emergencies effectively.
  • All incidents should be handled quickly and efficiently for the safety of everyone on board.

South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

There was an ‘extremely dangerous’ cobra in the cockpit of a South African Airways plane that forced an emergency landing in India on Sunday morning, according to reports.

The cobra, which was confirmed to be a Dutch cobra, was spotted on the plane before taking off from Johannesburg airport and eventually forcing the emergency landing in theTipra range of hills in India’s western state of Telangana, reports news channel NDTV.

The snakes were considered extremely dangerous and were only allow in trained hijackers, who were responsible for sighting the cobra and consequently bringing it down to the cockpit.

The Dutch cobra is known to be significantly larger than the South African cobra, meaning that it would have had a much greater chance of hurting or even killing the pilot.

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