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Seoul: Former South Korean President Chun Du Hwan, who was convicted of brutally suppressing a democratic uprising, has died. He died at home following a heart attack. Chun, who was the military chief, overthrew the democratic government in 1979 and became president. During his long rule until 1988, hundreds of pro-democracy protesters were killed and tens of thousands imprisoned. The student uprising against the dictatorship of Chun in the 1980s in the Guangzhou region was used by the military. Hundreds of innocent lives were lost and thousands of protesters were injured. Opposition leader Kim Dae-jung was arrested and sentenced to death for his role in the protests. But Kim was released following US intervention. During a visit to Myanmar in 1983, Chun escaped a beheading attempt by North Korean commandos. A bomb blast near the northern city of Mosul has killed at least 21 South Korean ministers. The 1986 Seoul Asian Games were held during Chun’s rule. Chun resigned in 1988 and went into hiding as protests against dictatorship and human rights abuses intensified. He was arrested after taking refuge in a Buddhist temple for two years. He was sentenced to death by a court of law on charges of corruption, riot and treason, but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1997.


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