“Special Envoy”: these women who accuse Nicolas Hulot

Their names are Sylvia, Cécile, Claire. The fourth, former collaborator of Nicolas Hulot, wished to remain anonymous. And their words seized like a slap the televiewers of France 2. This Thursday, November 25, in “Special Envoy”, they recounted in detail the day when they crossed the road of the former presenter of “Ushuaia”. Meetings that have gone very badly, they relate.

In this eagerly awaited report, they spoke one after the other, accusing him of rape or sexual assault. Unlike Pascale Mitterrand, whose rape complaint dating from 2008 was revealed in 2018 in the magazine Ebdo, none has turned to justice. The facts they describe are anyway time-barred. These women, one of whom was a minor at the time, explain that they were silent for a long time, for fear of not being believed in the face of the one who was the favorite personality of the French.

During a telephone exchange with Élise Lucet, who closes this shocking investigation, Nicolas Hulot firmly denied the facts related in these testimonies. ” Never ! Never ! Never ! ”He proclaimed, saying he was“ devastated ”by these“ so abject ”accusations.

Sylvia: “I know I’m stuck”

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“I have to free myself. I have to get out of this car, ”Sylvia says at the end of her testimony, which opens“ Special Envoy ”. In 1989, this young woman was 16 years old. Nicolas Hulot, of whom she is a fan, is 34. She sends him a letter to the Maison de la Radio, where he presents the program “Antipodes” every Saturday.

“I introduce myself, I give my age, like a teenager who writes to a star of the song”, remembers the forty-something, wearing a red sweater and a white blouse. To her surprise, she quickly received an invitation to attend the show on May 27, 1989. “As he leaves, he greets the guest and says: Are you Sylvia? then invites me to have breakfast with him, at the Ondes (a bar at the bottom of the Maison de la Radio) », She says.

Then, the host offers to accompany her by car to the Trocadéro metro, she recalls. “There he asked me to kiss him on the neck (…). And said to me: Is this how you dreamed of it? She adds. He drives her to an outdoor parking lot. “And there he takes out his cock and undoes his pants. He took my hand. Over and over I get back to the back of my seat and remove my hand (…). He forces me to give him a blowjob, which I don’t really do. (…) I know I’m stuck, ”she says, tears in her eyes. “Special Envoy” went to meet her mother and her best friend Lionel who recount the first time Sylvia told them she had been raped, several years later. She never wanted to lodge a complaint: “No one would have believed me”.

Cécile: “I don’t know how I got out of this taxi”

Special Envoy - Nicolas Hulot: women accuse.  Cécile stationed in Moscow at the time of the events
Special Envoy – Nicolas Hulot: women accuse. Cécile stationed in Moscow at the time of the events Capture France 2

On a fixed-term contract at the French Embassy in Russia, Cécile, 23, was called in September 1998, while Nicolas Hulot and his team were blocked at customs. Its management warns it: a request from the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac. Cécile succeeds in freeing them.

To thank her, Nicolas Hulot invites her to dine in the Novotel restaurant where they are staying, then to drink a white martini in a trendy nightclub, where he begins to seduce her. “We stop, I’ll go home,” replied the young woman, from the first approach. They shared a taxi.

“If you want I can find you a TF1 job”, would have launched the star to him, then at the height of his celebrity. ” No thanks, I told him, before he put his hand on my thigh and then threw himself on me. He touches my breasts and my crotch. I pushed him back and hit him in the face as best I could. I don’t know how I got out of this taxi, ”she says. “I told him no several times. It was clearly expressed that I did not want to have sex, ”adds the one who has never referred to the courts. “He was a friend of the President of the Republic,” she explains.

Claire: “A dysfunction in his relationship with women”

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In 2008, Claire Nouvian took part in the filming of a number of “Ushuaïa” in Costa Rica. No incident is to be deplored at this time. She explains that before her departure, “the political entourage” of the future Minister of the Ecological Transition of Emmanuel Macron advised her not to stay alone with him and not to open the door to his room if he knocked.

“A few months later, he tried to kiss me at a coffee at his house. I told him to stop, that was irrelevant. There is clearly a dysfunction in his relationship with women, ”concludes Claire.

“I get up to greet him and he kisses me full on the mouth”

A story echoed by the testimony of a former collaborator of Nicolas Hulot who wished to remain anonymous. In September 2001, she joined the team of the host’s show. “From the end of my first meeting in his office, which was cordial, I get up to greet him and he kisses me full on the lips. (…). I was very shocked. I step back, I take my things and I break, ”she concludes.

In addition, on set, during the debate which followed the dissemination of the survey, Élise Lucet revealed that the former host Maureen Dor had sent a letter to the editor, in which she recounts a meeting with Nicolas Hulot. In this letter, she claims to have been sexually assaulted by the host in a hotel in Brussels in 1989, when she was 18 years old.

At 18, the young woman is not “particularly sexy”: “It’s important to say because at the time, I sincerely think that a man can offer me to accompany him to his room without having no ulterior motive (…). So I accompany him and, immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me. I push him away, astonished and frightened, making this naive remark: But you have a wife! and him to answer me that it has nothing to do and that I will be a parenthesis. »

A call from reception interrupts Nicolas Hulot’s advances, she writes. “He tells me to go, which I do. Maureen Dor, now 51, says she felt “shocked” by the attitude of a man she admired, “but not desperate either. She then said in her letter that despite everything, she returned to see him that evening. “This event must have work more than expected because during the night, I wrote him a long letter in which I said that one should not do that to the young girls who admired him. “

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