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Spotify, an online music streaming platform with a large number of users, does not satisfy you that you are only having fun alone, but also hopes that you can enjoy music together with your family and friends. In fact, Spotify has been using social networks to help users discover new music from a very early stage. Recently, it has turned its attention to other in-depth social functions, hoping that through integration, you can learn about other online friends’ favorite music, etc.

Spotify is working on a feature that lets you see what your friends are listening to, focusing more on social interaction

Spotify has recently started a wave of “live podcasts” with Spotify Live (formerly known as Greenroom), and “Blends” allow you to blend your personal music preferences with those of your friends for unique playlists. Spotify has been leveraging the social network for music discovery since its early days, thanks to a deep integration between its desktop version and Facebook, and now that integration is finally making its way to the mobile app as well. The app looks all set, and users get a new “Community” tab that lets you keep up with your friends’ music conversations.

The feature was first spotted by Twitter user Chris Messina, and Spotify has confirmed that the feature is currently in early development. The new Communities page is similar to the Friends Activity sidebar in Spotify on PC, allowing you to see which playlists have been updated recently, as well as all recently updated playlists, and allowing you to instantly see what your friends are listening to . Just like on the desktop version, the Spotify app on mobile will pull your friends list from Facebook.

If you want to give this a try, some people have successfully turned it on by launching Safari on iOS and navigating to “spotify:community” via the address bar, but this doesn’t seem to work with Chrome on Android, so if you don’t have iOS devices, there is no early access to the feature. Still, it’s recommended that you wait a while to get a proper version, after all Spotify itself has confirmed that it’s in the early stages of development, so even if you get Community on your device, it will feel like a future in both appearance and functionality. Finished version.

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