Strange Flemish soup and a full house singing: this was ‘D…

Born entertainer as he is, Rik Verheye makes of The smartest personstudio a kind of singing and swing palace by letting everyone ‘jukebox’ a bit.

Tonight’s winner:

Jeroen Perceval took his first win.

The loser:

The final game turned into a thriller, but Anthony Nti only needed 1 second to knock Dena Vahdani out.

Tomorrow’s newcomer:

DJ en radiopresentatrice Esther Nwanu.

The best quotes:

Erik Van Looy asked a question about a seat called ‘Togo’. Anthony Nti says that he has never been to the country of Togo. To which Jelle De Beule: “But in Burkina Sofa, isn’t it?”


Van Looy: “Jeroen, do you have a favorite Bond?”

Jeroen Perceval: “I am against fur.”


Van Looy: “How many children do you want?”

Nti: “From how much is it interesting for child benefit?”


Van Looy: “Do you like to play with children on the set?”

Rik Verheye looks doubtful. De Beule says: “That case has yet to be heard, Erik.”


Van Looy: “Been a member of a gang, Jeroen?”

Perceval: “No, but from a union.”


Anthony Nti finds the way in which Flemish people drink soup strange. Verheye responds: “I feel some soup racism here. Soup mushroom!”

The most beautiful moment:

Rik Verheye says that he sometimes starts to ‘jukebox’ on set, mixing music himself. He puts everyone to work for this, including Erik Van Looy and the candidates, who all bring out their best singing talent. (jdr)

The standings


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