students flee from windows, 8 dead and 24 injured-

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The shooting took place in the city of Perm: the attacker was allegedly killed during the arrest attempt. He had posted pictures of himself armed on social networks

Shooting at the university of Perm, in the Ural region in Russia. A person, apparently a former law student opened fire inside the institute, killing, confirms the Tass agency, at least eight people and injuring 24. A video shows a person entering the campus, who would have been recognized in diciottene Timor Bermansurov, armed with an easy-to-find light pistol. The Tass agency announced shortly after the assault that the young state killed while attempting to arrest.

Some students and teachers would have remained closed in the university rooms. In images shown by local media, students can be seen fleeing the university by jumping out of the windows on the first floor.

Some Russian media also report images of the young man, with his face covered and armed, which he himself had posted on the Russian social network Vkontakte. I hate myself, but I want to hurt everyone who gets in my way, he wrote on social media, stating that he is not a member of any terrorist organization.

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