Suffering from multiple sclerosis, he tries to climb Kilimanjaro

Posted the 09/19/2021 11:57 PM

Update the 09/20/2021 02:35

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France 2

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This is the end of the 20 Hours JT weekend series, which started on Friday, during the presentation of Julien Vedani. The man with multiple sclerosis challenged himself to climb Kilimanjaro.

Saturday September 18, we left it in difficulty after 3 days of ascent plus the pressure of the altitude. Exhausted, like his porters, he insisted on walking as he approached the camp. Within this camp, the Tanzanian porters gave him a welcome worthy of the feat. For long minutes, they danced to traditional songs and Julien fully lives each moment. “This disease is either stable or the beginning of degeneration and this word scares me. That’s why I want to fully enjoy my life”, explains Julien Vedani.

Unfortunately, the night was difficult and his health is now in danger. The features are drawn, his face is swollen and the first signs of cerebral edema are visible. “Mentally I think I’m able to do it, but physically I think it’s going to be complicated”, says Julien. On top of that, he only has 58% oxygen in his blood, which is far too low. Aware of the gravity of the moment, he will make the wise decision to abandon his adventure.

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