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Sununu: Trump is positioning himself to be a ‘four-time loser’ in 2024

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Donald Trump is pivoting away from his past failures and towards his most recent successes in order to be more Hannibal Lecter in 2024.

1. “Sununu: Trump is positioning himself to be a “four-time loser” in 2024″

Former New Hampshire governor John H. Sununu said that former President Donald Trump is setting himself up to lose the presidential race four times, including the 2020 defeat to President Joe Biden. In an interview with CNN, Sununu expressed skepticism about Trump’s chances of winning another election. Sununu’s comments come as Trump seeks to solidify his grip on the Republican Party and potentially run for president again in 2024.

However, Sununu is not alone in his doubts about Trump’s chances. Many political analysts and Republican operatives have raised concerns about the former president’s electability, citing his divisive rhetoric and controversial actions during his time in office. Despite this, Trump remains popular among many GOP voters, and his endorsement could be a major factor in deciding the party’s nominee in 2024.

  • Many political analysts doubt that Trump will run and win another presidential race.
  • Trump remains popular among GOP supporters, and his endorsement could decide the party’s nominee.
  • Trump’s controversial actions and statements during his presidency have caused concerns about his electability among many Republican operatives.

Conclusion: While former President Donald Trump continues to position himself as a force in the Republican Party, experts are skeptical about his chances of winning another presidential election. While Trump’s base remains loyal, the controversy that surrounds him and the potential for a strong Democratic candidate could make it difficult for him to win another term. However, only time will tell whether he will run and whether he will be successful in his bid for the White House again.

2. “Sununu: What happens after 2024?”


Recently, Governor Chris Sununu has been a hot topic in the political world. Many are curious about what Sununu plans to do after his term as governor ends in 2024. His current term as the governor of New Hampshire will end in January of 2023; he is eligible for reelection in November 2022. However, he has not announced whether he will run for reelection or not.

  • Possible options for Sununu after 2024
  • Run for a higher political office: Many speculate that Sununu might run for the U.S. Senate or even the presidency
  • Work in the private sector: Sununu might decide to take a break from politics and work in the private sector
  • Retire from politics: There is also a possibility that Sununu might just retire from politics and take a break from public life

Sununu has been very tight-lipped about his future plans. When asked about his plans after 2024, he said that he is focused on his current job and that there is plenty of time to think about the future. However, he did leave the door open for a possible run for the U.S. Senate or the presidency in the future.

It will be interesting to see what Sununu decides to do after his term as the governor of New Hampshire ends in 2024. Whatever his decision may be, we can be sure that he will continue to be an important figure in New Hampshire’s political landscape for years to come.

3. “Sununu: How will Trump’s Ingredient list affect the election?”

3. Sununu: How will Trump’s Ingredient list affect the election?

As the 2020 United States Presidential Election draws near, many are wondering how Donald Trump’s “ingredient list” will impact the outcome of the race. Recently, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu weighed in on the topic, stating that there are several factors to consider.

  • Firstly, Sununu believes that Trump’s controversial handling of the COVID-19 pandemic will play a major role in the election. The President has received criticism for downplaying the severity of the virus and not taking strict enough measures to prevent its spread. Sununu believes that this could turn off voters who are concerned about public health and safety.
  • Another factor is the economy. Trump has made job creation and economic growth a major part of his platform, and Sununu believes that his supporters will continue to stand by him because of his record on these issues. However, the recent economic downturn caused by the pandemic has led to widespread unemployment and financial instability. It remains to be seen how this will affect Trump’s ability to attract new voters to his cause.

Overall, Sununu acknowledges that Trump’s “ingredient list” is complex and multifaceted. It remains to be seen how the various factors will balance out and ultimately impact the result of the election.

4. “Sununu: What will the economy be like after 2024?


In a recent interview with CNBC, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discussed his predictions for the economy after 2024. While he acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, he remained optimistic about its future.

Sununu stated that he believes the economy will continue to bounce back, citing the impressive reopening efforts that have taken place across the country. He also emphasized the importance of innovation and technology, predicting that advancements in these areas will contribute to significant economic growth in the coming years. Additionally, he discussed the importance of investing in workforce development and education to ensure that individuals have the skills necessary to participate in the economy of the future.

  • Innovation and technology: Sununu believes that advancements in these areas will play a significant role in driving economic growth after 2024.
  • Investment in workforce development and education: The governor emphasized the importance of investing in these areas to ensure that individuals are equipped with the skills necessary to participate in an evolving economy.
  • Continued rebound from COVID-19 pandemic: While the pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, Sununu believes that the continued reopening efforts throughout the country will contribute to its recovery.

It’s already been announced that Donald Trump will be running for office again. He will be running as an ideologue again, as he has done in the past. He will beQuesting to be a four-time loser. He will be putting his all into this campaign, and making sure everyone knows that he’s only going to be a one-time loser.

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