Surgery was overloaded by sick children. Doctor: They were at home for a long time, their immunity was weakened

The season of respiratory diseases has begun and pediatric surgeries are overloaded with sick children. This is partly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and parents are now more likely to come to the surgery with their children, even in cases of milder viruses. According to some experts, the reduced immunity of children was also affected by distance learning and the absence of a stay in the team.

Six-year-old Martínek entered kindergarten on September 1, but he did not enjoy his classmates for a long time. “It started classically. First a runny nose, sore throat, fever and I probably got infected by him,” my mother described Kateřina. And most families with young children now have a similar experience.

Pediatricians also admit a sharp increase in respiratory diseases in children. Their surgeries are full. “Colds, coughs, but there are also children with temperatures, both high and high. There are also some intestinal symptoms,” said Ilona Hülle, president of the Association of General Practitioners for Children and Adolescents.

“Now mainly preschool children are moaning, or the youngest children are usually up to five to six years old,” said general practitioner Hana Cabrnochová.

“In our second kindergarten, we noticed a 70% absence of children in the second week in September, when it is mostly a respiratory disease,” admitted Jana Bednarčik, a teacher from the Kindergarten in Písek.

It is said that parents with children who did not seek medical treatment earlier due to the virus are coming to the surgeries more and more often. Kindergartens also prefer to send children with colds home. Behind this are concerns about covid-19. In addition, according to some experts, children do not have a well-trained immunity after a long stay at home, when they have been without contact with their peers.

“According to some studies, social distancing and wearing respirators may have reduced the children’s defenses against common diseases, but it is true that their occurrence has always been seasonal,” said doctor Marek Dvořák.

What parents used to perceive as the flu or another autumn infection, they now prefer not to underestimate and ask doctors to test for covid-19. However, interest in vaccinating children against coronavirus disease is said to be low among parents. According to experts, this may change when the epidemic situation worsens.

Children should be tested regularly, said Milan Kubek in Televizní noviny:



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