Suspicious fiancée of missing influencer Gabby Petito (22) now also without a trace Abroad


Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito had been dating for a while and even had wedding plans. But first they wanted to go on a road trip through the United States. “Because you really get to know each other during such a long trip,” they had said to friends before they left.

Initially, everything was fine, as could be seen on the YouTube videos they made, but as the trip progressed, the couple started arguing more often. On August 12, Moab, Utah, even had to intervene. However, after a night of sleeping alone, the couple was allowed to continue on their way. The anger had cooled, it seemed.

Gabby Petito on a police bodycam.

Gabby Petito on a police bodycam.

But a few weeks later, on September 1, Laundrie returned home to Florida. Without his girlfriend. Although she had phoned her parents many times during the trip, now all trace of Petito was missing. A few days after Laundrie’s return, her parents reported her missing.


Laundrie has been questioned several times about his girlfriend’s disappearance, but has always refused to cooperate with the investigation. Although his lawyer for Laundrie claimed that his client was silent “at his request”, the young man only made himself suspicious in the eyes of the investigators.

And now it appears that Laundrie herself has been missing for four days, the American media report. The police thought he was staying with his parents, but that turns out not to be true. He is presumed to have run away. “Another twist in the story,” said police spokesman Josh Taylor.

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