Suspicious pictures! Is 187 boss Bonez MC freshly in love?

Is Bonez MC freshly in love? The 187 boss keeps posting pictures of an unknown beauty – is it his new girlfriend?

187 rapper Bonez MC (35) shares suspicious pictures. © Screenshot / Instagram / bonez187erz

In the past few days, the rapper has repeatedly published snapshots of a stranger on Instagram!

As usual, Bonez was mysterious: One of the pictures shows the dark-haired beauty standing in an airplane – but only from behind. In the second picture you can see her face – but so blurry that you can hardly see it. Apparently it is a small photo of an identity card.

The followers are confused: who is the beautiful stranger? Comments are piling up under the post. The suspicions of the fans range from “his mother” to “Kylie Jenner” and “Barbie” to “his girlfriend”.

Is the 187 boss in firm hands again?

The father of an eight-year-old daughter has not yet made a statement about his relationship status. However, he commented on the two pictures with a heart, which only fuels the love rumors.

So will Bonez MC soon burst the relationship bomb?

Could she win the heart of the 187 boss?

Could she win the heart of the 187 boss? © Screenshot / Instagram / bonez187erz

It is not the first time that the 35-year-old has been torturing his followers with hints and suspicious pictures!

Also in March of last year he showed himself holding hands with a classy beauty in the Caribbean. “Miss u,” he also commented on a photo of his acquaintance lying in a hospital bed. He did not reveal whether it was his girlfriend.

A few days earlier, the 187 rapper had also announced in a question and answer session on Instagram that he wanted to get married “soon”.

Nothing came of that. But now a wedding is within reach again – maybe with the beautiful stranger?

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