Sweden changes strategy to fight pandemic – media

Sweden will introduce local restrictions

It looks more like isolation, but local isolation. The rules will be advisory in nature.

The Swedish authorities are ready to introduce local quarantine measures as the number of cases of coronavirus increases, the Daily Mail writes, citing experts. The move marks a new approach to the fight against the virus in Sweden, which has decided to go its own way by abandoning the lockdown.

“It’s more like isolation, but local isolation,” Johan Noyd, head of the infectious disease division in Uppsala, told the Telegraph.

The shift in strategy is taking place against the backdrop of a second wave that hit European countries this fall. The number of cases of new infections in the EU is growing very rapidly and the first place is occupied by the Czech Republic, which was the first to lift quarantine.

The new rules, expected to take effect in Sweden from Monday, will allow regional health authorities to ask citizens to avoid public places such as shopping malls, museums, libraries, swimming pools, concerts and gyms.

Old people do not mind. Sweden’s COVID strategy

Citizens may also be asked to stay away from public transport or avoid visiting the elderly or other risk groups. The rules will be offered as guidance, not requirements. No fines will be imposed.

Earlier it was reported that in Sweden, which did not introduce strict quarantine in the spring, the incidence of coronavirus is now significantly lower than in other European countries. Experts explain this by the high confidence of citizens in the decisions of the authorities.

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