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Swiss Court Finds Gazprom Bankers Guilty in Putin Money Laundering Case – The Moscow Times

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On Aug. 25, the Swiss court found Gazprom bankers guilty of money laundering in a Putin money laundering case. The case involves the laundering of money from Russian energy giant Gazprom. The bankers were found guilty of five counts of money laundering and ordered to pay a total of $2.5 million in fines. This case is a big victory for Swiss justice and global justice, as it presents a rare example of bankers being held liable for their actions in the oil and gas industry.


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The Swiss court ruled that five bankers from Gazprom Bank were guilty in a money laundering caseDPavaeva Pavlovna, a spokeswoman for the Swiss court, said on Wednesday.

DPava Pavlovna said the court found that the bankers “acted with criminal negligence and Concealed Criminal participation in money laundering.”

She said the five bankers, including CEO Mikhail Fridman, will be tried “in absentia” and “on indictment for aggravated money laundering and for various other crimes.”

The court’s decision follows a yearlong investigation into allegations of money laundering by the Russian energy giant.

According to the indictment, the bankers laundered $60 million through Gazprom Bank between 2006 and 2014.

The bank’s co-founders, including Fridman, have been denies mounting financial charges in the Russian Probe.

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