Targeted by Sri Mulyani in the BLBI Case, This is the Bakrie Family’s Property

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Task Force for Handling State Collection Rights for Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Funds (BLBI Task Force) summoned the Bakrie family, namely Nirwan Dermawan Bakrie and Indra Usmansyah Bakrie.

The two members of the Bakrie family were involved in the BLBI scandal during the 1998 monetary crisis. This was discovered after the Head of the BLBI Daily Task Force, Rionald Silaban, announced it in the national newspaper.

It is known that Nirwan Bakrie and Indra Bakrie are debtors of Bank Putera Multikarsa (a BLBI recipient bank, a bank owned by entrepreneur Marimutu Sinivasan) with a debt of Rp 22.7 billion.

They were asked to appear before the Head of the Team C Collection and Litigation Working Group to settle all of their obligations to the state.

“Completing the right to collect state funds from BLBI funds of at least Rp. 22,677,129,206 in order to settle the debtor obligations of Bank Putera Multikarsa,” as quoted in the announcement signed by the Chairman of the BLBI Task Force, Rionald Silaban.

Bakrie Family Wealth List

Nirwan, Indra along with Aburizal are siblings who are members of the Bakrie Group which was originally founded by their father, Achmad Bakrie since 1940.

The Bakrie Group has business in almost all important sectors of the economy. The Bakrie Group’s business octopus includes mining, energy, infrastructure, financial services, health, telecommunications, media, plantation and technology businesses.

Before the 2008 economic crisis and when Aburizal was still serving as Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, Forbes magazine had ranked the Bakrie family as the richest conglomerate published in 2007.

At that time, the Bakrie family’s wealth was estimated at US$ 5.4 billion or equivalent to Rp.

Media reports at the time revealed that Nirwan Bakrie managed the Bumi Group (PT Bumi Resources Tbk/BUMI) which had almost gone bankrupt with the company’s valuation decreasing by more than 90% in 6 months, from a share price of Rp 8,450 in the middle of 2008 to Rp 510 in 2008. end of January 2009.

This caused the Bakrie family’s ranking on the annual Forbes list to drop to ninth with a fortune of US$ 850 million, from the previous year at the top.

Now there is no longer the Bakrie family name in the top 20 Indonesian tycoons on the Forbes list. The first position is still occupied by two Djarum Group bosses, Robert Budi Hartono at US$ 19.5 billion or equivalent to Rp 279 trillion and his brother Michael Bambang Hartono at US$ 18.8 billion, as of this Thursday (16/9).

The total price of the Bakrie family’s wealth has not been revealed, but in fact it is still considered as one of the conglomerates or crazy rich in Indonesia.

This is because they control a number of publicly listed companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), either through share ownership through affiliated companies, shell companies, to third generation direct ownership.

Nirwan’s three children have held important positions in the Bumi Group, ranging from the position of president director to member of the commissioner.

Based on the results of BUMI’s GMS, August 31, 2021, Adika Nuraga Bakrie (Aga Bakrie) who obtained a degree from Bentley University, United States of America, serves as President Director of Bumi Resources and acts as a member of the board of commissioners at PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS), which is a subsidiary gold mining business from BUMI.

Aga Bakrie replaces the late Saptari Hoedjaja who passed away in early July 2021.

Adhika Andrayudha Bakrie, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Newbury College in the US and serves as a member of the board of commissioners in the two companies, BUMI and BRMS.

Meanwhile, Adika Aryasthana Bakrie, who holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in California, is on the board of directors at BRMS.

Meanwhile, Nirwan is mostly behind the scenes, and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Bakrie Education Foundation Trustees as noted on the Bakrie University website.

Previously in 2012, Indra Bakrie also took care of the investment company Bumi Plc, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange, but at that time he resigned from the position of Deputy President Commissioner and Director of Bumi Plc when there was a big internal chaos in the investment company, as reported by detikcom.


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