Tensions on the border between Kovovo and Serbia: Pristina removes license plates with KS

This is not Pristina’s wish, but “something imposed by the other side,” said Prime Minister Albin Kurti – only Kosovo license plates will now be valid.

Serbs from northern Kosovo blocked the border crossing with Serbia’s Jarine in both directions, and members of the special police unit of the Kosovo Police called on them to disperse, local media reported.

Police are searching citizens who have walked to Serbia because they cannot do otherwise, according to the Klix news website.

At the other Brnjak border checkpoint, the road is blocked 500 meters from the border by an armored police car, which prevents the passage of people and cars, and the checkpoint is completely closed by the Kosovo police. The convoy of cars from Kosovo to Serbia at this point is more than two kilometers long.

According to information from Kliks, the Kosovo police started today confiscated the old registration numbers of cars marked KS, and cars with Serbian registration plates are given temporary numbers and are obliged to pay insurance. Thus, the authorities in Pristina are trying to impose the official Kosovo registration numbers marked RKS.

The Associated Press recalls that Serbian police have been confiscating Kosovo’s license plates for years of cars, and today’s action by the Kosovo authorities seems to be in response to these actions.

Kosovo Interior Ministry says an action to “preserve public and constitutional order” is under way at all border crossings, and Interior Minister Jalal Svecla has confirmed that the action concerns the issue of car registration numbers, according to Kosovo media. .

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti says removing license plates from cars in Kosovo was not Pristina’s wish, but a “something imposed by the other party”, referring to Serbia, the Pristina portal Koha reported.

Kurti told parliament that as long as Kosovo citizens pay for their car license plates when they enter Serbia, the obligation for all cars to have “RKS” / Republic of Kosovo / license plates on them will also apply.

Kosovo police took “necessary action today and confiscated all invalid signs” at the borders, the prime minister said.

The contract for the plates, reached under the Brussels agreement, expired on September 15th, and since then the number with the designation CS / Kosovo / has ceased to be issued, he added.

“I expect all citizens to understand correctly, today the implementation of the agreement that Serbia negotiated with the EU begins. The license plates are not our wish, the other side imposes them,” Kurti said.

The representative of the Kosovo Serbs, Goran Rakic, described the action of the Kosovo authorities as a “direct threat” to Serbs in Kosovo and announced that European Union Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajcak and other international representatives had been briefed on the events.

“This protest is a reaction of people who are worried about their future, their children and their families,” Rakic ​​was quoted as saying by the AP.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has convened a meeting to discuss dialogue with Kosovo.

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