Tesla Model Y, performance, range and price of the electric crossover: the proof

The range of the American manufacturer expands with the introduction of Model Y: the product of the American house best suited to our European market country: more space, better habitability and sophisticated technology that is always easy and intuitive to use. Prices from 60,990 euros

Tommaso Marcoli

October 13
– Milano

With the new generation of vehicles, Tesla has been able to break into the European electric car market forcefully. If Model S and Model X were a great advance, Model 3 has concretely shown the level that the US manufacturer has reached for its cars. Tesla offers an unprecedented driving experience: engaging but above all extremely intuitive. Everything is simple and integrated into an ecosystem that represents something remarkable in the automotive world. The latest product in the range is Model Y. This is probably the most suitable model for the European market and customer, because it meets the needs of space, habitability and image. Halfway between SUV and crossover, just enough to arouse interest and curiosity. In Italy, for now, it will be available only in the Long Range configuration with a starting price of 60,990 euros.

Tesla Model Y: how it’s made

The glance is inspired by Model 3. The details are in common with the midsize sedan, evident above all in the front and rear of the car, where the shape of the light clusters takes up the same style. Simple shapes, clean lines. The development of the bodywork was obviously influenced by the aerodynamic study, which has always been Tesla’s prerogative and an almost fundamental aspect on an electric car.

The dimensions

Compared to the sedan, the dimensions change: Model Y is 4.75 meters long and thanks to the wheelbase of 2.89 meters, the habitability has improved a lot. The rear seats can be occupied by adults of medium height with serenity. The boot capacity has been improved to 600 liters, while with the second row of seats folded down, the total load exceeds 2 thousand liters. A 117-liter compartment has been created under the front hood. The organization of the internal space is rational and the electric platform, as known, reduces the internal dimensions to a minimum in order to obtain compartments and object holders with great freedom.

Tesla Model Y: on-board technology

Model Y picks up without modifying the new on-board technology inaugurated by Model 3. The protagonist of the driving experience is the 15 ”screen placed in the center of the dashboard. An element of primary importance, it acts as an instrument panel with indications of speed and remaining range and on-board entertainment system, thanks to the numerous connectivity and navigation functions. The graphics are all very clear and pleasant, the maps are built with Google cartography and are therefore constantly updated on any changes to the road network, with real-time traffic information. However, the operating system was developed internally by Tesla and does not support Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The mobile phone can still be integrated into the vehicle via Bluetooth connection. The on-board computer has a particularly intuitive operating logic: the commands and functions available are memorized and mastered quickly. Its use is necessary for any operations aboard Model Y: if navigation and entertainment are taken for granted, the more curious are the adjustments of the steering wheel and rear-view mirrors, possible by accessing a specific submenu from the screen. A procedure certainly extravagant and in line with the style and expectations of a Tesla, but the presence of physical buttons for these operations (and for setting the on-board temperature) remains the most ergonomic choice to avoid distractions during the driving phases. . The dashboard is occupied only by the 15 ”screen, the rest is completely devoid of contour elements, even the air vents have” disappeared “between the tapered lines of the dashboard.

Tesla Model Y: how it goes

The power unit, for the Long Range set-up which is the only one currently available, consists of two electric motors for 441 Hp and 575 Nm of total torque. Powered by a 75 kWh battery, Model Y recorded a range of 507 km in the homologation cycle. The figure, despite the level of efficiency of Tesla vehicles is among the best ever, is to be revised downwards. A more reliable mileage is around 410/450 km with a full tank of electricity, in any case also considering the variable of a more or less aggressive driving style. The regenerative braking parameters can be changed on three intensity levels. The intermediate one is confirmed to be the most suitable for the vehicle because it is not too invasive in the city and with sufficient intervention to facilitate sailing at motorway speeds. The driving dynamics are quite sophisticated: the steering is soft and adapted to the size and weight of the vehicle, while the trim and suspension have been calibrated to ensure excellent comfort while driving. Stability is remarkable, thanks also to all-wheel drive. Model Y can be equipped with the most advanced AutoPilot system. In Europe it is not possible to leave this technology full freedom of action, and a time limit has been imposed on its use should the driver take his hands off the wheel. The passive driving assistance systems, on the other hand, are all made with great care and give an excellent feeling of safety. The dialogue between radar and cameras then makes it possible to recreate images of obstacles and pedestrians in three dimensions on the instrument panel. The vehicle calculates and displays the distance to other cars in centimeters, an aid to avoid micro-collisions during the most complicated parking phases. Model Y reaches 100 km / h in 5 seconds flat and touches a top speed of 217 km / h. The braking has quite a bit of bite, even if the 2,003 kg of weight are still an important limit. Charging is integrated into the Supercharger network: the best ecosystem available in the world today. The vehicle communicates with the columns and recharging takes place in an extremely intuitive way: just bring the external cable close to the door, connect it to automatically start the procedure. Model Y supports DC charging up to 250 kW: 80% energy is recovered in 30 minutes.


Tesla Model Y is a rather complete expression of the Tesla experience. It has all the characteristics to be a runaway success in Europe. The positioning is winning and the technology available to the American manufacturer ensures a considerable advantage over the competition. The charging network, which remains today one of the most important limits for the diffusion of electric cars, has been developed here to be the most widespread and simple to use. The result is an extremely valid and practical ecosystem. The driving dynamics are adapted to the demands of a demanding clientele such as the European one. Tesla with Model Y could mark a breakthrough moment for the European market, offering itself as a product capable of responding to all the new mobility needs with a charging context that currently has no rivals. Prices, in Italy, starting from 60,990 euros.

Pros and cons

Like it: excellent integration with the charging network. Satisfying driving dynamics. Very sophisticated on-board technology.
Do not like: exasperated ergonomics: too many functions have been delegated to the screen, giving up the more ergonomic physical buttons. Braking could have been more convincing

Tesla Model Y Long Range: technical sheet

Propulsion: electric motor: double engine and four-wheel drive; power: 441 Hp; torque: 575 Nm; battery capacity: 75 kWh; maximum charging power: 250 kW (DC);
Dimensions: length: 4,750 mm; width: 1,920 mm; height: 1,620 mm; wheelbase: 2,890 mm; trunk capacity: 600 liters; weight: 2.003 kg;
Performance: 0-100 km / h acceleration: 5.0 seconds; maximum speed: 217 km / h;
Price: starting from 60,990 euros.


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