Texas doctor confesses to abortion to lure lawsuit over strict law

An American doctor has confessed that he deliberately violated a new strict abortion law in the state of Texas. With his confession in The Washington Post Alan Braid hopes to provoke a trial. This is the first time anyone has admitted to breaking this law.

Braid writes that on the morning of September 6, he performed an abortion in a pregnancy that already had a heartbeat, which usually happens around six weeks. The new law in Texas prohibits abortion in that case.

“I acted because it was my duty to care for this patient, as I do with all patients, and because she has a fundamental right to this care,” Briad explained. “I understand there could be legal ramifications, but I want to make sure Texas can’t get away with such an obviously unconstitutional law without being tested.”

10.000 dollar

Texas abortion law start this month It adopted is stricter than the country has ever seen since the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that abortion is a fundamental right for women. Not only was it forbidden to terminate a pregnancy if a heartbeat could be detected, it was also forbidden to help women in the broadest sense of the word.

In addition, the law made it possible for anyone to sue helpers. If found guilty of illegal aid, the declarant must pay the declarant $10,000 and compensation for the legal costs. Critics have been disgraceful that such a price should be placed on the heads of doctors and others involved.

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