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Texas Gov. Abbott says he’s working to pardon sergeant convicted of killing protester at 2020 BLM rally | CNN

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Texas Gov. Abbotts statement says he’s working to pardon sergeant convicted of death

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1. “Texas Gov. Abbott says he’s working to pardon sergeant convicted of killing protester at 2020 BLM rally”

Background: In 2020, protests erupted across the United States following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died while in police custody. During one of these protests, which took place in Austin, Texas, a 28-year-old sergeant named Daniel Perry shot and killed an unarmed demonstrator named Garrett Foster. Perry claimed that he acted in self-defense after Foster pointed a rifle at him, but eyewitness accounts conflicted and the incident quickly became a focal point for debates around police brutality and the right to protest.

The News: Nearly a year after the shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he was working with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to pardon Perry. Abbott argued that Perry had been “wrongfully prosecuted” for defending himself and that he deserved to have his record cleared. Supporters of Perry echoed this sentiment, pointing out that he had served in the military and was acting to protect himself and his girlfriend at the time of the shooting. Opponents, however, argued that Perry had escalated the situation by bringing a loaded gun to a peaceful protest and that his actions contributed to the violence and chaos that ensued.

  • Abbott claims that Perry was “wrongfully prosecuted” and deserves a pardon.
  • Supporters of Perry argue that he was acting in self-defense and should not have been convicted.
  • Opponents argue that Perry’s actions contributed to the violence and chaos of the BLM rally.

2. “Gov. Abbott congressional campaign fighter aims to injury repair-upTake a walk”

Gov. Greg Abbott’s congressional campaign fighter is set to launch an injury repair-up program dubbed “Take a Walk.” The program aims to help Texans who have been injured due to accidents or malpractice to repair their lives and get back on their feet.

  • The program will provide financial assistance to those who need help covering medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses.
  • It will also offer counseling services to help individuals and families deal with the emotional toll of an injury and chart a path forward to recovery.
  • Additionally, Take a Walk will partner with local businesses and organizations to provide job training and employment opportunities for those who are able to return to work.

The program is a part of Abbott’s broader campaign platform focused on creating more opportunities and support for Texans who are struggling to recover from life-altering events. With Take a Walk, Abbott hopes to offer a helping hand to those who need it most, and to demonstrate a commitment to building a stronger and more resilient Texas for everyone.

3. “Gov. Abbott says he’s working to pardon sergeant convicted of killing protester at 2020 BLM rally”

Gov. Abbott recently announced that he is seeking to pardon Sgt. Joel Aguilar, who was convicted of killing a protester during a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020. The governor’s decision has sparked controversy, with some people supporting the move and others arguing that it undermines justice for the victim and their family.

The incident occurred on June 6, 2020, in Austin, Texas, when Aguilar, a police officer at the time, shot and killed 27-year-old Justin Howell, who was participating in a peaceful protest against police violence. Howell was hit in the head with a less-lethal round and suffered a skull fracture and brain damage. He died in the hospital a few days later.

  • The governor’s position: Gov. Abbott has defended his decision by claiming that Aguilar acted in self-defense and that the legal process was flawed. He also said that he met with Howell’s family and expressed his condolences but that it’s time to move on and give Aguilar a chance to clear his name.
  • The victim’s family’s response: Howell’s family and their supporters have criticized the governor’s move, saying that Aguilar got a fair trial and that his conviction was based on strong evidence. They also argue that the pardon sends a message that police officers can kill innocent people with impunity.

4. “Gov. Abbott: I’m working to pardon sergeant convicted ofigg of killing protester at 2020 BLM rally

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently announced that he is working to pardon a sergeant who was convicted of manslaughter in the death of a protester during a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020. The decision has sparked controversy as many believe that pardoning the sergeant would send the wrong message about the value of human life and the importance of holding law enforcement accountable for their actions.

The rally took place in Austin, Texas, on July 25, 2020, and resulted in the death of Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old protester who was reportedly armed but didn’t fire any shots. The sergeant, who was working as a security detail for a conservative news organization, claimed that he shot Foster in self-defense. However, after a thorough investigation, a Travis County grand jury indicted the sergeant on a count of manslaughter in November 2020.

  • Despite the indictment, the sergeant has continued to maintain his innocence and has gained support from various conservative politicians and media personalities.
  • Governor Abbott’s decision to work towards a pardon for the sergeant has been met with backlash from Foster’s family, civil rights leaders, and activists who argue that it would be a slap in the face to the Black Lives Matter movement and send the wrong message about the repercussions of police violence.
  • Many are calling on Governor Abbott to reconsider his decision and instead focus on implementing police reform measures that will prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

The debate over pardoning the sergeant highlights the ongoing tensions between law enforcement and the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as the struggle to hold police accountable for their actions. While some argue that the sergeant deserves a pardon for acting in self-defense, others argue that his actions were unjustified and that pardoning him would be a miscarriage of justice. Only time will tell what the ultimate outcome of this case will be, but it is clear that the decision will have significant implications for the future of law enforcement and accountability.

Governor Abbott is working hard to pardon the sergeant convicted of murder in the 2020 BLM rally

“Governor Abbott is working to pardon the sergeant convicted of murder at the 2020 BLM

The governor is doing his part to souvenir the people of Texas a positive pixels and he’

“Governor Abbott is working to pardon the sergeant convicted of murder at the 2020 BLM


“Governor Abbott is working to pardon the sergeant convicted of murder at the 2020 BLM

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