Texas shooter posted pictures of his weaponry on Instagram

Ramos’ social media was filled with photos of guns, which he legally bought when he turned 18.

May 24, 2022 4:20 p.m.

This Tuesday afternoon there was a robb elementary school shootingin Uvaldeen of the state of Texas.

Soon after, the authorities were able to identify the perpetrator of the shooting as Salvador Ramosan 18-year-old who was shot to death while trying to escape from police.

According to the Texas authorities, the young man “He horrifically and incomprehensibly shot and killed 14 students and killed one teacher.”

He also killed his own grandmother before entering the school, as confirmed by Governor Greg Abbott.

However, after the identity of the person responsible was revealed, users of social networks began to share screenshots taken from Salvador Ramos’ account, in which weapons and cartridges are shown as a way of “warning” about his intentions.

Thirteen children were taken by ambulance or bus to Uvalde Memorial Hospital. after an active shooter was reported at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, about 85 miles (135 kilometers) west of San Antonio, hospital officials said. The nature and severity of the people’s injuries were not immediately known, as was whether the dead are included in that tally.

Another hospital, University Hospital of San Antonio, said a 66-year-old woman was in critical condition.

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