The 40,000 ‘disappeared’ from vaccination in the Balearic Islands

What reasons can 40,000 residents of the Balearic Islands have for spending money on buying a boat or plane ticket and traveling to another autonomous community to get vaccinated? Has vaccine tourism become fashionable and now are the inhabitants of the islands who are leaving the archipelago to receive their doses in a reverse process to conventional tourism?

The Balearic Health Ministry has opened an investigation to try to find an explanation for this phenomenon that has made 40,000 Balearic people have preferred to be vaccinated in another autonomous community. The suspicion is that most of those 40,000 supposed citizens of the islands are not: they are ‘false residents’ who are registered in some municipality of the archipelago but have not lived on the islands for a long time.


The Balearic Islands are at the end of the vaccination queue for all communities

They are still registered because, in this way, they still have access to a 75% discount on boat or plane tickets on the trips they make between the islands and the Peninsula. At some point they lived on one of the islands of the archipelago and are still listed in the registry so as not to lose this grant when they return from vacation.

The investigations began when the massive vaccination process began. After months and inexplicably, the Balearic Islands continued to be the community with the lowest rate in the entire State in all age ranges. At the moment, vaccination is at 82 percent when the average for the other autonomous communities is at 89%.

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At the end of the summer, the Government began to suspect that there was some anomaly in the census and began to collect data. In the consultations carried out with other autonomous communities, these 40,000 supposed residents have appeared. The sum will finally be attributed to the Balearic Islands so that vaccination will suddenly rise 4 points in the coming days and will be placed at 86% of the total, as confirmed by the Balearic Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez.

Those 40,000 ‘fugitives’ from the Balearic health have been discounted from the 220,000 Balearic citizens who have not yet received a dose. They must also be deducted from the 23,000 residents who have already been called on several occasions and have refused to be vaccinated in all of them.


More than 20,000 citizens have expressly refused to be vaccinated

The result is that in the Balearic Islands there are about 160,000 inhabitants who have not yet passed through the vaccination points and half of them are foreigners. The Balearic Government recognizes that it is being particularly difficult to access this group since many of them come from European countries where the vaccination rate is low and they also resist receiving the doses.

The councilor has explained that they will do a “drop by drop” work to get the highest number of people vaccinated out of those 160,000 still pending. “Vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate,” said Patricia Gómez. Next week begins the administration of the third dose to those over 60 and to health and social health personnel and the Government trusts that the implementation of the Covid passport to access the restoration will help people to become aware.

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