The announcement of Mass: from 2023 stop on the single entrance test for the Faculty of Medicine

Starting from 2023, the entrance test to the medical faculty will be stopped. This was stated by the minister of the University Maria Cristina Messa guest at The Breakfast Club on Radio Capital. «From next year there will be no single entrance test for the Faculty of Medicine. There will be a path that can also begin in the fourth year of high school, where students will be able to try their hand at the test up to four times and enter the ranking with the best result “, added the minister. Who then illustrated the government’s position on the shortage of white coats: «A serious problem for the next two years. We discount what was planned years ago. We with the Minister Speranza have increased all the numbers, both of students who can access specialization schools and of those who can enter the University of Medicine. But the consequences of these reforms will not be immediate. We must also make the work of the general practitioner who works in the local areas more attractive because fewer and fewer young people want to do this job ».

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