the change you would never have expected to see

WhatsApp continues to be one of the most beloved chat applications, contrary to the controversies of the last year. The merit of its popularity also falls on constant updates and on the increasingly well-developed cross-platform support.

WhatsApp is working to get closer and closer to the functionality of Facebook Messenger. Most of the recently introduced features are part of the chat application anchored in the largest social network. However, it seems that some new options that you can only find in WhatsApp, as those from The Verge.

WhatsApp on the web, significantly smarter

If you have an affinity for stickers on WhatsApp, you will be glad to know that now you can create your own from scratch, not only through the mobile application, but also the desktop or laptop, through the web client. In the next week, the additional functionality should reach most users.

When you use WhatsApp on the web, you will have access to an additional tool called Custom Sticker Creator. If it’s not obvious, it will help you create stickers to use in conversations from your own photos that you have on your phone. Edit your images, add emoticons, cut them out, remove the background and, if you want, combine them with other existing stickers.

If you use WhatsApp on your mobile, the update doesn’t help you much, because you already have several applications through which to make stickers from scratch. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time talking to friends in the office and you were not very effective in expressing your mood through messages, you will have a new visual tool at your disposal. All that remains is not to frustrate your contacts with your manifestations of creativity too much. Not for nothing, but for some, WhatsApp is a business tool.

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