The Conference League for Roma is also worth a check for 30 million

The success in the Conference League is a starting point for the new American property of the Friedkin family, engaged in the takeover bid for the delisting and above all in the start of the procedure that finally give Rome a new stadium. Meanwhile, the Giallorossi management can count an extra check of about 30 million, assured by the conquest of the third continental trophy in Tirana, introduced just this year by UEFA. Even if the prize pool certainly cannot compete with those of the other two events: if the Champions in fact assigns about 2 billion and the Europa League 465 million, only 235 million are allocated to the teams qualified for the Conference.

Sports awards

The victory over Feyenoord at the Kombetare Arena and above all those against Leicester in the semifinals have strengthened the bonus which in the previous stages of the competition guarantees quite low tokens. Going in order, the Giallorossi club collected 2.94 million euros for the simple admission to the groups. Josè Mourinho’s team then obtained 2.42 million for the results on the field in the group matches (500 thousand euros are expected for a win and 160 thousand euros for a draw) thanks to 4 wins and one draw. Results that also provided Roma with a bonus of € 650,000 for first place, as well as € 600,000 for the direct passage to the round of 16. Overcoming the knockout fights, then 1 million arrived for the qualification to the quarter-finals, 2 million for the passage to the semi-finals, 3 million for access to the final and 2 million more for having raised the trophy.

Market pool and box office

The victories obtained also against Vitesse and Bodo / Glimt, redeeming the humiliating 6-1 suffered in Norway, the only defeat in the Giallorossi event, Roma have therefore accumulated 12 million on the field. To this figure must be added the shares of the ten-year Uefa ranking which should be equal to 1.4 million euros and those deriving from the market pool, equal to 4.4 million euros. The total is therefore 18 million. If you add to all this the box office receipts that are attributable to the host team, for the 3 matches of the group and especially the 3 of the knockout phase, it is possible to estimate revenues for at least another 10/12 million (of which 2, 4 million just for the match with Leicester). The European campaign therefore ensured a total income of 30 million. A breath of fresh air for the club’s coffers.

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