The construction of the Red Court office building began in Karlín

The developer began construction at the beginning of the month immediately after receiving a building permit and began negotiations to lease space. However, it does not yet have a target tenant. “Thanks to the experience from previous projects in the locality, we are not worried about occupancy,” says Jiří Ochetz, a member of the Board of Directors of J&T Real Estate.

The smallest rentable unit will be a quarter floor, ie 250 square meters. “Thanks to the compactness of the building, we are also discussing the possibility of renting the entire building by a single tenant,” added Ochetz.

The building was designed by the CMC architects studio, which also impressed the neighboring Rustonka office complex. The appearance of the façade intentionally follows the design of the existing buildings so that the building fits into the locality, but the brick color of the façade panels distinguishes it.

The attractiveness of the place is increased by the development of Rohan Island, which will bring new jobs. “We feel the potential of this location. In a few years, it can become a desirable address where you can live and work within walking distance, “added Ochetz.

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