The darling broke the hearts of West Ham fans. In the end, a bitter short circuit opened the door for Souček

The tumultuous London Stadium cooled the tribune in the West Ham duel with Manchester United. Jesse Lingard enchanted Hammers fans in the spring, but on Sunday he returned as an opponent and decided the match.

After an excellent six months in London, Lingard is trying to build a position in the starting line-up in Manchester United. So far, however, he drew the most attention to himself with a haunting mistake in the Champions League match against the Young Boys Bern, after which the Red Devils received a decisive goal.

However, Lingard showed a strong personality and returned this weekend with a goal that attributed Manchester to a 2: 1 victory. After the match, the midfielder stayed on the field in a friendly conversation with coach David Moyes.

“I laughed, but most of all I praised him for recovering from his mistake, which cost Manchester points in the Champions League. But football always gives you a second chance,” Moyes said.

But he also returned to Lingard’s work in London. “Jesse got a second chance in West Ham and he was great. We will always be happy for what he did for us. But it would be better if he didn’t hit us,” he added.

The goal also stirred up the waters on social networks. Fans quickly fell in love with Lingard in London and now he has come as a rival. “Jesse is after us,” wrote a Hammers News fan server after the English midfielder scored. “He broke my heart,” added one of the fans on Twitter. Other supporters wondered on social networks why Lingard could not bring West Ham in the summer transfer window.

The match started well for West Ham. He sent Said Benrahma into the lead and they managed to eliminate the star Cristian Ronald in the defense.

Vladimír Coufal did an excellent job in this direction, successfully managing to defend the Portuguese attacker. “He was reliable in defense and it was a good match from him in the forward direction,” praised the Czech defender’s server.

In the end, Ronaldo made his way through the center on the right side. In the second half, Coufal lost the ball several times. “We are not used to it from him,” journalists continued.

West Ham’s Mark Noble left the field after 80 minutes because of a nasty blow to the shin. However, coach Moyes sent him on the field only to be able to play it.

“But we had a chance to equalize, we wasted it,” he stated after the match. “I asked him if I could send him for a penalty. He’s one of the best penalty players we have,” he explained.

“As a coach you have to make big decisions. Sometimes you will succeed, other times you will not. It has occurred to me that we have a great shooter on the bench. If I did not send Noble to the field, he would kick a Declan Rice penalty,” he said.

Moyes indicated that West Ham would have to look for other players who are reliable in playing penalties. One name is directly offered. Tomáš Souček was a regular executor of penalty kicks in Slavia and excelled in absolute precision and icy calm.

“We need someone like that. It doesn’t have to be someone who is a born shooter. Penalties are relatively easy to train. On the other hand, De Gea has caught over 40 penalties in his career,” Moyes recalled the goalkeeper’s statistics, which caught Noble with an excellent intervention.

Souček received a mark of seven in the match. “The center of the pitch took over. He was able to collect the balls and get them to attack quickly, he was useful on both sides of the pitch, as always,” praised


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