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Reporter Lin Yiru/Taipei reports

After Yusheng got married and had children, he hasn’t filmed for a long time. He took on the role of TVBS’s “Witty Campus Life” at eight o’clock. One filming is 100 episodes, going back and forth between Taipei and Taichung to maintain family life. It is currently in the second season and is about to shoot 50 episodes. In the episode, it is rumored that he resigned and left, and the impact is not small. TVBS confirmed in response to “ETtoday Starlight Cloud”, “Yosheng’s grandmother passed away a while ago, which affected his mood. After discussions, the two sides decided to put an end to his role as a substitute teacher in the play.”

▲ Yousheng resigned from “Witty Campus Life”. (Photo/provided by TVBS)

In 2020, Yu Sheng drove a camper van around the island, and his family of four wandered around Taiwan, which caused great discussions. After 8 months of wandering, he settled in Taichung for the education of his children. He was filming in Taipei and accompany his family back and forth between the two places. Grandma passed away a while ago, which hit him a lot, because he was brought up by grandma. As long as a work is exposed in the entertainment industry, grandma is a loyal audience. He also shared that grandma, who is in her 90s, often asked a few years ago: ” Why are you not filming anymore?” Grandma gradually couldn’t remember the people around her, so he resolutely took over the eight o’clock performance, hoping to see her grandson appear again when Grandma could still watch TV.

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▲▼You Sheng domineeringly and sweetly kiss Zhou Xiaohan.  (Photo/provided by TVBS)

▲Yousheng has many confrontations with Zhou Xiaohan in the play. (Photo/provided by TVBS)

Magpie Entertainment, which Yusheng belongs to, responded, “Thank you for your concern, please ask the TVBS PR department about filming matters.” When Yusheng attended the event last month, he shared the idea of ​​​​hoping to change his lifestyle on the stage, and there were clues at that time. , After he resigned from “Wit”, a large part of the teacher lineup is missing, and the plot trend will also undergo major changes.

Yu Sheng plays the former fiance Wang Haonan of Wu Jiali (played by Zhou Xiaohan). He becomes the “runaway groom” in the upcoming wedding with Wu Jiali, but he entered the campus from a retired criminal policeman by accident. The teachers have complex entanglements and emotional development. The young student actors performed well, with lively comedy rhythms and high popularity, including Zhong Yuexuan, Lin Huizhen, Huang Baifeng, Li Xinglu, Feng Rongjie, etc., all of whom have a fixed fan base.

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