The decline in the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine .. What do scientists say?

White House adviser and chief epidemiologist, Doctor Anthony Fauci, defended the plan announced by US President Joe Biden, to vaccinate Americans with a booster dose against Corona during the month of September.

Fauci said in an interview with ABC on Sunday, after the recommendations of an advisory committee in the Food and Drug Administration that this booster dose be given to certain groups only, that these recommendations may change as more data becomes available in the coming days and weeks.

He added that the approval of a vaccine for children under 12 years old will be this fall, during October or next November.

Fauci revealed that the White House plan was saying that it should be prepared to give the third dose to the target groups during September as soon as the decision was made, “and this is not confusing or surprising, as we needed to set a specific date in order to prepare for the deployment of the vaccine, and all of this remains pending the decision of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Disease control and control.

And ABC considered that setting the date of September 20 to start giving the third doses, according to the White House plan, is premature and confusing for people.

Fauci responded by saying, “These are the things that when they are made are not decisions that are made the next day, and that’s what people in the country need to understand.”

Fauci expressed his lack of disappointment, noting that the desired operation succeeded in its objectives.

And the US Food and Drug Administration recently agreed to grant booster doses of the Corona Pfizer vaccine to specific groups, for those over 65 years old.

Pfizer had requested that it be given approval to give booster doses to people over 16 years old.

The committee refused to approve granting these vaccines to everyone due to the “lack of safety data” regarding booster doses, and some of them raised doubts about granting them to everyone and indicated that they should target specific groups only, according to a report published by “BBS News”.

The committee agreed to grant the booster doses to the category of people “most at risk of the virus”, or those who have incurable diseases.

The issue of booster vaccines will also need approvals from the Centers for Disease Control and Control “CDC”, which is expected to be discussed next Wednesday, as it also signs approval to give it to the elderly, residents of nursing homes, and those who work in the “front lines” in areas of health care.

In the coming days, the FDA and the CDC will consider applications for granting the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines to booster doses.

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