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The acclaimed Colombian actress Carmen villalobos She gained great recognition after her participation in the popular telenovela “Sin senos no hay paraiso”, where she played the main character Catalina Saldaña. Although that production boosted his career and gave him international fame, the Barranquilla made his debut on the screens in 1999.

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Throughout his more than two decades of work, Villalobos has played dozens of roles that have revealed other facets that few imagined, including his role as a villain in “Woman-fragranced coffee”, one of his latest television projects. This is how perseverance and effort have made her the artist that she is today, qualities that she owes in part to her parents, who motivated her to work for her dreams since she was little.

Although his parents have been a great support for Villalobos, there was a stage in which they indirectly made him feel deeply sad. Find out everything below.

His parents have been a great support for Villalobos (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)


The wife of Sebastian Caicedo revealed on the show “Yo, José Gabriel” from the RCN Channel, how his father’s work prevented him from having a childhood similar to that of the rest of his classmates. And is that her father was a policeman and for work he had to constantly move to another city, which meant that the actress had to change schools every year and therefore, never see the friends she had barely met again.

“I always changed schools every year. My dad was a policeman and they always transferred him, so he was always the new one and making friends was very difficult. When I made friends, they changed my city, that is, a sadness ”.


Due to having to leave her study center constantly, Carmen was never able to maintain a group of friends, because at each change of school she was alone. Every year she had to face the tough situation of being the new student and the only thing that kept her from giving up was wearing a new uniform:

“What I liked about changing schools is that every year I wore a uniform, that was the only good thing, but I never had friends.”


While the 38-year-old actress currently has a monumental number of friends and fans behind her, as a child she only dreamed of forming friendships that she could maintain throughout her life. “I greatly admire and envy people who have lifelong friends from school. I never had friends because every year I changed schools “, ended Villalobos.


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