The doctor revealed why useless medications are prescribed in Russian clinics

It is very difficult to determine the causative agent of the infection, and various viruses are hidden behind the acronym ARVI, said Life doctor of medical sciences, practicing physician, professor Anton Ershov. The most important thing for a doctor is to determine if the patient has a virus or a bacterium. And not every physician has an idea with which pathogen he is dealing with.

It is very difficult to find out what kind of pathogen a person has. Therefore, treatment is often prescribed that does not help. “And they begin to confuse flu and sore throat, bacterial bronchitis, purulent pneumonia and the same coronavirus. This is a traditional outpatient riddle – what kind of infection it is, ”Ershov said.

The doctor noted that there are external differences between some respiratory infections. So, bacterial infections are accompanied by a wet cough with green-yellow sputum. With a microbial infection in humans, an increase in temperature occurs in a different way than with a virus. He also has other blood tests.

With a viral infection in the blood, a decrease in the number of leukocytes will be observed, and the number of lymphocytes will be lower with a decrease in neutrophils. With the virus, the cough is dry, and the secreted sputum is clear.

Sometimes it happens that a microbial infection joins a viral one. But that rarely happens. And then people are prescribed antibiotics that are effective against bacteria, but powerless against viruses.


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