The effect of colors .. a new technology in Windows 11 for people with vision problems

Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 11 Which includes special color effects for people with vision problems who cannot distinguish well between all colors naturally.

This new technology comes from Microsoft’s keenness to develop modern technologies that facilitate access to its products for different categories of users, regardless of the difficulties they face.

Microsoft had started using special technologies for people of determination with the Xbox… and it followed the same policy of the same responsibility with Windows 11.

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Steps to use color effects in Windows 11

Leave Windows 11 The freedom to choose colors for the user, which makes him able to use Windows normally, through the following steps:

Click on the Settings menu in Windows 11, press the Windows sign and the letter i.

Go to the Enhanced Access tab.

• Choose color effects from the list on the left.

Within this list, the feature to activate the effects appears, click on it.

Find a graph showing the degree of color.

•You can choose the most appropriate.

Windows 11 Menu Colors

Red-green (problems seeing green (deuteranopia)

Red-green (problems seeing red color (protanopia)

yellow blue (tritanopia)

Gray shades

Inverted gray

Fully inverted colours.

In front of the six color effects appears a circle that you can choose the specific color by clicking on it.

Make sure to preview the effect of the color before exiting the window by heading to the histogram of the previous colors.

Steps to activate color effects

A quick button appears after previewing the effects. It can be used by pressing the Windows sign, ctrl and c together.

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You have to activate it through the taskbar and open the quick control menu in Windows.

Click on the Enhanced Access Settings button, and then click on the Activate Color Effects button.

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